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About Springboard

Children spend 75% of their waking hours outside the classroom, yet our school system struggles to capture educational value from this time for children in low-income communities. These students lack continuous access to learning at home and school, slowing down progress during the academic year and leading to chronic regressions over the summer. Springboard Collaborative closes the literacy gap by closing the gap between home and school. We offer summer and afterschool programs that combine differentiated reading instruction for Pre-K through 3rd graders; workshops training parents to teach reading at home; a rigorous coaching cycle for teachers; and an incentive structure that awards learning tools to families in proportion to student reading gains.

Since launch in 2011, Springboard has scaled from 40 students to nearly 4,000. Last summer, our scholars replaced the typical 3-month reading loss with a 3.1-month reading gain. Weekly parent training workshops averaged 91% attendance and were featured in the New York Times, PBS Newshour, and Forbes. We are out ahead of the field proving a simple but powerful truth: parents’ love for their children is the single greatest and most underutilized natural resource in education. Learn more at:

About the opportunity:

Springboard invites talented and passionate candidates to apply for the position of Bay Area Operations Coordinator. The Operations Coordinator reports directly to the Bay Area Program Director and works closely with the Bay Area Executive Director and the national Administrative Operations Coordinator. The Operations Coordinator will support Bay Area operations through a diverse range of responsibilities that include inventory management and distribution, national and regional coordination[RR1] , and administrative tasks that support programs, partnerships, and fundraising.

Who we’re looking for:

·      A fiercely organized and execution-oriented individual with acute attention to small detail.

·      An individual who is comfortable embracing work responsibilities that cut across a wide range of activities.

·      A strategic planner who prioritizes and works in an efficient and logical manner.

·      A go-getter with superior initiative, integrity, humility, strong work ethic, sense of humor, and “can-do” attitude.

·      An excellent relationship builder with an ability to collaborate with a variety of diverse internal and external stakeholders.

  • A clear and persuasive verbal and written communicator.

·      A believer in our collective opportunity to close the literacy achievement gap through hard work and meaningful collaboration with parents and families.


Coordinate materials distribution, collection, and inventory

·      Plan and conduct efficient materials distribution to school sites and staff training events.

·      Maintain inventory records of items at local warehouse(s) and school sites; coordinate unexpected needs with national operations team.

·      Manage all returned, borrowed, or excess inventory from partner sites; ship to Springboard’s home office, as needed.

·      Coordinate with national Administrative Operations Coordinator to ensure synchronicity.

Coordinate program operations

·      Recruit and screen seasonal Operations Lead candidates and assign work locations.

·      Support in ensuring Bay Area records are complete and accurate through timely data entry and regular review of accounts and information.

·      Assist with logistics and planning for all professional development trainings and events.

·      Support seasonal hires with processes for travel reimbursements, logging payroll hours, and navigating our project management tools.

·      Co-plan program celebrations and recognition events for teachers and seasonal staff.

·      Steward relationships with on-campus enrichment providers, where applicable, to generate shared understandings around recruitment, transitions, joint applications, and family engagement.

Support administrative duties related to program implementation

·      Assist with scheduling and follow-up of key meetings and site visits.

·      Manage seasonal job postings, schedule interviews, and steward candidates through the hiring process utilizing systems to track and record the work.

·      Create calendars for each school district that include all relevant training and program dates.

·      Equip and train Enrollment Coordinators with everything they need to successfully conduct outreach to families and enroll scholars in our programs.

·      Train and support program staff in the use of Slinky, Springboard’s database.

·      Update enrollment kits annually with customized letters to families that detail program FAQs.

·      Use Slinky to load program session information and update with relevant contact information and school-based specifics that provide details on each school site/partner.

·      Support email communication with school partners, teachers and seasonal Springboard leaders.

·      Help to complete online surveys, standard forms, and other district requests that surface to comply with partner requirements (facilities requests, upload insurance renewals, etc.).

·      Support with Teacher and Family Orientations, where applicable.

Additional responsibilities

·      Support Executive Director with fundraising efforts, including grant applications and reports.

·      Foster positive, ongoing school and partner relationships across multiple sectors.

·      Participate in leadership debrief(s) and lead Operations team debrief(s).

·      Perform other duties as assigned.

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