Program Associate: Music Coordinator

Job Type

Full Time




East Bay Center for the Performing Arts
339 11th Street
United States


Title: Program Associate: Music Coordinator

Job Classification: Salaried; Full-Time; Exempt.

Reports Directly to: Director of School Partnerships, Associate Director: Student Development & Training

Job Description:

The Program Associate is responsible for supporting the Associate Director: Student Development & Training and the Director of School Partnerships, directly supervising teaching artists, and managing relationships and curriculum at the Center’s mainsite and partner school sites in the music education programs.

The Music Coordinator works to ensure high quality music programming for students and families onsite and offsite. Through a combination of administrative work and teaching the Music Coordinator ensures that all Center students receive the support and training necessary to imagine and create new worlds for themselves and their communities through the performing arts.

At the main site, the Music Coordinator position oversees the artistic trajectory of Center music students, programs and events by working closely with the Associate Director of Student Training and Development and the Deputy Director with particular attention to the artistic needs of the music students in the Young Artist Diploma Program.

The Music Coordinator has further reporting responsibilities to the Director of School Partnerships, with regards to teaching and supporting music teachers in the School Partnerships Department. The Music Coordinator will need to pay careful attention to program calendar dates, program and individual Diploma student objectives, exercising ongoing proactive communications and problem solving with Center staff and colleagues. 

General Division of Work Load: (These estimates characterize the general assignment areas in which the position will function. These numbers are meant to be a guide. Actual workloads may vary widely from week to week.)

  • 40% Coordination of private lesson music program onsite
  • 30% Overall support of music program/faculty onsite
  • 20% Support of music program/faculty in schools
  • 10% Teaching

Onsite Music Coordination: Approximately 70% of the job

  • Align and coordinate music ensembles, group classes, and private lessons in order to have the most efficient system.
  • Conduct and facilitate regular artistic support of Young Artist Diploma music students.
  • Plan and provide leadership for the development of the Center’s music program.
  • Review and actively support onsite Center music students through their private lessons, group classes, and ensemble work, ensuring the depth/clarity/appropriateness of coordinated instruction.
  • Communicate and work closely with Center faculty and onsite staff to support the needs of all Center music students.
  • Coordinate private lessons for Diploma and Non-Diploma Students (including tracking of lesson hours, oversight of private lesson payroll, room planning, budgets, billing, and systematic monitoring and oversight of artistic growth of students).
  • Administer/monitor Derning Fund (support for students studying bass and tuba, along with related instruments and courses).
  • Analyze the needs and areas for growth in Center’s music program. Create plan for Center improvement (i.e. balance of instruments in programs, youth orchestra, jazz big band).
  • Support coordination of annual event planning for music events in conjunction with production staff.
  • Review/assess and problem solve instrument needs for the Center.

Examples of Measurable Goals in this work area include:

The annual number of private lesson students served, levels of music student retention, student attendance, and artistic progress among students.

School Partnerships Music Coordination: Approximately 20% of the job.

Support the strategic direction and management of the In-School Music Program:

  • Support Teaching Artists to develop relevant curriculum
  • Support the coordinators in the vision and development of the program.
  • Support Teaching Artists in the development of their pedagogy and practice.

Teaching: Approximately 10% of the job.

  • Teach/substitute in the onsite and school partnership programs as needed.


The ideal Music Coordinator will have:

  • A Bachelor’s degree; teaching credential or Master’s a plus but not necessary.
  • 5+ years of experience working with children and youth in schools developing music curriculum.
  • Experience developing and leading teams of teachers, with the goal to reach a shared vision, create and implement an action plan.
  • Ability to effectively train new teaching artists.
  • Passion for music and high-level proficiency, including a broad understanding of music pedagogy (across instrument families).
  • Experience working in under-resourced communities with socio-economic, racial and culturally diverse classroom settings.
  • Ability to effectively manage large groups of students.
  • Experience coordinating music assemblies and performances.
  • An exhibited ability to work with children in a caring and respectful manner in order to create a joyful, caring classroom environment where instructional time includes community building, conflict resolution, skill-building, and empowering students.
  • Experience working with administrative teams, including use of administrative tools (payroll systems, excel).
  • Maturity, humility, strong work ethic, sense of humor, collaborative nature, and a can-do attitude.
  • Belief that all students can express themselves artistically and achieve at high levels.
  • Strong written and verbal skills and ability to communicate to a diverse audience.

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply

If interested, please send a resume, cover letter, and relevant video clips demonstrating teaching capacity and artistic talent to Ruthie Dineen, Deputy Director: