Launch Coordinator - International Honors Program (IHP)

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Part Time



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District of Columbia
United States



END DATE: 1 MAR 2019

DIVISION/SITE: School for International Training (SIT) Study Abroad, Vermont

DEPARTMENT: International Honors Program

REPORTS TO: Program Director



The IHP Launch Coordinator (LC) is responsible for the development and delivery of the IHP experiential program ‘launch’. All IHP comparative study abroad programs include a two-week US-based launch designed to orient the student group to the program overall, and to introduce the student group to the thematic foci of the program via engaging experiential curriculum in a US launch city. Launch Coordinators work closely with IHP Program Directors on curriculum & program development, logistical coordination, budgeting and expense reporting, and facilitation of educational content. This is a part-time 12-week position, with an intensive component that requires candidates to be available full-time during the two-week program launch, as well as three planning days prior to the students’ arrival. IHP Programs launch each August/September and January/February; work spans the two months before and several weeks after the launch. For the IHP Health and Community Programs, the launch city is Washington DC.  



The International Honors Program (IHP), a part of SIT Study Abroad, offers international semester-long study abroad programs emphasizing the comparative study of critical global issues. IHP’s learning model is grounded in experiential learning, critical pedagogy, local perspectives, and global comparison.


We are currently seeking 2 Launch Coordinators to join an interdisciplinary team of faculty, fellows, field assistants and host country coordinators for IHP’s Health and Community Tracks 1 & 2 for the Spring 2019 semester. Each four-month semester takes approximately 30 students from leading U.S. colleges and universities. The Tracks 1 and 2 itineraries are below:

 Track 1

  • Spring 2019 (January to mid-May): Washington DC, USA; India, South Africa, and Brazil. The Launch Dates are: January 20,2019 - February 2, 2019

Track 2

  • Spring 2019 (January to mid-May): Washington DC, USA; Vietnam, South Africa, and Argentina. The Launch Dates are: January 27, 2019 - February 9, 2019


IHP Health and Community offers its students locally situated and globally framed explorations of health, wellbeing, and community. Its experiential learning model is grounded in critical inquiry, diving deeply into local contexts to understand the implications of unequal access to wealth, differentiated models of healthcare, strained environmental resources, varied impacting factors of globalization, and cultural/political representation as it related to social equity on health and wellbeing. The program offers a comparative study in four contrasting locations around the world, incorporating case studies, guest lectures with local academics, policy makers, and political figures, and site visits with community activists, grassroots organizations, and international NGOs. More information on our program (including more detailed itineraries and sample syllabi) can be found at: for Track 1 and for Track 2.




1.     Curriculum and Program Development:

Work closely with the IHP Program Director (PD) and Program Coordinator (PC) for program delivery of IHP Health and Community’s experiential programming and curriculum in Washington DC. Execute one well-conceived two-week launch schedule consisting of site visits, guest lectures, and field-based activities in the US launch city. Actualize that schedules by confirming guest speakers and site visits with health care facilities, community-based organizations, local academics and activists, city officials, and international NGOs amongst others. Contribute to and compile the ‘Launch Program Handbook’ for each track - a booklet that includes the program schedule, speaker backgrounds and site visit details, background articles related to educational activities, local sites of interest, and logistics of the launch city necessary to ensure student safety and well-being.


2.     Logistical Coordination:

Coordinate logistics of the program launch in an organized and timely manner. Work with the Program Coordinator to ensure reservations for student and staff accommodations, classroom space, and group transportation; purchase instructional materials and mobile office supplies; prepare welcome packets, assist with optional activities, serve as a local expert and guide for questions about the area, etc. Additionally, the Launch Coordinator will oversee the efforts of the Launch Field Assistant(s) who coordinate day-to-day program needs such as classroom set-up, meals and snacks, etc. During the two weeks of the launch, be available full-time to coordinate all logistics on site with students and IHP staff team. 


3.     Budget/Finance:

Work with the PD to develop an accurate and cost-effective budget prior to the start of the program launch. Coordinate program expenses and, with support of the Field Assistant and Program Coordinator, make payments to all guest speakers, host organizations, and vendors utilized during the program launch. Collect receipts and pay stubs for all expenses made during the launch. Following the launch, complete expense reports that organize and compile all expenses and receipts in an organized manner according to World Learning financial policies and guidelines.


4.     Facilitation of Educational Content:

Attend all educational activities during the program launch. Facilitate and lead debriefing sessions, group conversations, and reflection activities along with program staff designed to support the academic and learning objectives of the program launch. Review student program feedback solicited at the end of the launch and utilize in future programmatic planning.




· At least 2 years of professional experience relating to the themes of the program.

· Demonstrated experience and local knowledge of the launch city expressed through diverse relationships with an array of practitioners, academics, and/or activists

· Demonstrated understanding of field-based, experiential, or popular education programs and pedagogy, with knowledge of study abroad preferred

· Masters or professional degree in the thematic area of the program or educational management preferred but not required

· An organized and detail-oriented demeanor with demonstrated experience in logistics coordination or event planning

· Experience with budgeting and financial reporting

· Articulate in use of oral and written English

· Demonstrated support for diversity and inclusion

· Excellent interpersonal and cross-cultural communication skills



Local travel in the launch city or region will be required.


WORK ENVIRONMENT: May work from any location but must be available on-site during the program launch; ideally would be available for one-on-one training in October/November 2018; must have reliable internet access and cell phone service available for the duration of the contract.



All employees are required to satisfactorily perform the essential duties and responsibilities of their position. · The essential duties and responsibilities listed above are not intended to be construed as an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties and skills required. 

Level of Language Proficiency

Articulate in use of oral and written English

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply

 TO APPLY: Please visit our website:    to submit a Curriculum Vitae and cover letter. Apply under “Launch Coordinator.’