Roads to Community Living Specialist

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Full Time




2600 South Walker Street
United States


Job Summary: Hands-on opportunity to provide direct social services to adults with

disabilities who are in current housing crises or needing to move to an alternative setting with a

high level of care. RCL Specialists specialize in finding long-term housing in the community for

clients who are currently living in institutionalized settings like nursing homes and hospitals as

well as stabilize housing for clients currently in the community but who are in danger of losing

their housing. Major emphasis on coordinating with community partners and acting on behalf of

AAA/DSHS to advocate for clients’ well-being.

We are doing our part to help with the housing crisis in the Greater Seattle area and King County to offer a voice and a chance for our clients.


Reports To: RCL Program Coordinator

FLSA Status: Non-exempt

Employment Type: Currently considering fulltime and part-time; semi-flexible hours for part-time candidates.

Job details:

  • Act as a liaison between the client, family members and informal supports, state or city case manager, medical providers, housing providers, and relay relevant information to appropriate parties.
  • Locating and arranging for appropriate and accessible housing.
  • Communicating participant progress with DSHS/AAA staff.
  • Providing assistance and support to ensure successful transition from institutional setting as authorized by AAA and/or DSHS staff.
  • Working with local housing authorities and other housing resource regarding housing availability, subsidies and voucher capacity.
  • Plan and facilitate client’s move.
  • Accurately track and report purchases, filing receipts, and other activities related to purchases made on behalf of RCL participants.
  • Complete reporting requirements such as timesheets, weekly/monthly reports, and other documentation required for RCL participants.
  • Provide outreach services to all clients on caseload; all provided services are provided in the field via outreach.

Ideal candidate:

The ideal candidate would be a confident and creative social worker who has passion for older and vulnerable adults and is willing to go above and beyond. We place a strong emphasis on teamwork and collaborating with other staff members; team player is a must!



Essential functions of the job:

  1. Conducting pre-transition consultation with participant to review RCL Service Authorization, and review participant needs and preferences;
  2. Act as a liaison on behalf of DSHS and AAA staff, SNF staff, Housing providers, medical and legal providers, family members, informal support and other involved parties;
  3. Providing assistance and support to ensure successful transition from institutional setting as authorized by AAA and/or DSHS staff;
  4. Serving as a liaison between the participant, housing provider and any caregiving Full Life Care staff involved in scope of service;
  5. Locating and arranging for appropriate, accessible housing;
  6. Working with local housing authorities and other housing resources regarding housing availability, subsidies and voucher capacity;
  7. Arranges participant’s physical move from institutional setting;
  8. Acts in the supervisory capacity to Full Life Care Homecare Aides who provide services to participating program clients; providing and reconciling volunteer contact information with the Development department;
  9. Accurately tracking and reporting purchases, filing receipts and other activities related to purchases made on behalf of RCL participants;
  10. Assistance with developing personal skills related to the individual’s care plan including:

a)      Helping the participant achieve measurable goals;

b)     Helping the client access health services in a community setting;

c)      Helping the client achieve personal skill development related to Service Plan tasks;

d)     Self-Advocacy training;

e)     Connecting participant with less formal or atypical daily activities such as those that might be found through local organizations like YMCAs or Senior Centers;

  1. Communicating participant progress with DSHS/AAA staff;
  2. Completing reporting requirements such as time sheets, weekly/monthly reports and other documentation required for RCL participants;

Marginal functions of the job:

  1. Complete projects and tasks as assigned by supervisor;
  2. The ability to prioritize projects needing to be completed in a timely manner;
  3. Collaborate with and train staff proper operation and maintenance of appliances;
  4. Availability to be reached and respond quickly to facility emergencies;

Qualifications of the job:

1.      Must have excellent verbal and written communication skills

2.      Must have access to private reliable means of transportation

3.      A minimum of two (2) years work experience in social services or related field.

4.      A Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Social Work, Psychology, or related field

5.      Ability to effectively use computer and communication technology

6.      Able to work independently and communicate effectively with clients and supervisors

Other Requirements:

1.      Dependable and responsible

2.      Likes people and has a nurturing and caring attitude

3.      Organized, self-motivated, honest, and mature

4.      Must be able to lift 25lbs and support clients mobility

5.      Must be able to operate office equipment including but not limited to computer keyboarding, multi-line phone system, fax and copy machines


Benefit package includes:

  • Up to 27 PTO days just in the 1st year
  • Paid sick leave
  • 8 Holidays
  • Medical Healthcare coverage with very low employee monthly premiums
  • Dental Healthcare coverage with NO monthly premiums
  • Vision coverage discount
  • Tax Annuity medical plan (FSA)
  • Multiple Retirement plans with Employer matching!

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply

Submit application at