Camp Director - Camp Susquehannock for Boys and Camp Susquehannock for Girls

Job Type

Full Time


Minimum: $60,000.00
Details: Incentives additional to base salary



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2308 Tripp Lake Road
United States


Why Susquehannock

At Susquehannock, we believe that summer camp can change the lives of kids forever. We believe that no education is more important than kids learning to live together, to play together, and to face challenges together. We believe kids learn who they are, and who they want to be, while immersed in activities of their own choosing - where joy and intense effort combine in equal measure to forge, one experience at a time, the responsible and caring adult each child will become. We believe that school may be good at filling heads, but that camp is better at filling hearts.

With a history that dates back more than a hundred years, Camp Susquehannock has more than a few long-standing and much-loved traditions, but it meets the needs of today’s campers and parents. In part it does this by providing a beautiful campus nestled in the Northern Pennsylvania hills with its own beautiful lake, and food coming fresh from nearby fields, but Susquehannock also represents a place apart from the daily bombardment we now call modern living. Campers live untethered to cell phones, apps, and keyboards, and get outside into the sunshine to play sports, hike, swim, and connect with their friends, some new and some from prior summers, in authentic, in-person ways the modern world makes so much more difficult. They also write actual letters home every week.  

Camp Susquehannock is looking to hire a new Director. After continuous and capable management by three successive generations of the founding family, there are no candidates in that family to take on the full-time leadership that Camp Susquehannock requires. This is a unique opportunity for the right candidate to be the first independently-appointed leader of this extraordinary institution.

Camp Director Position Summary

The Board of Directors of the Susquehannock Camps seek a new Director who will assume the responsibility of overseeing the entire year-round operations beginning at the end of the 2018 summer season. This person will be the public face of Susquehannock and responsible for the recruitment of campers, the hiring of staff, and a major participant in fundraising efforts. During the summer months while camp is in session, the Director will keep in close communication with the Heads of both the boy’s and girl’s camp to ensure smooth and efficient operations. 

Key Relationships:

Position reports directly to: The Board of Directors

Direct reports: Director of Operations, Head of the Boys Camp, Head of the Girls Camp, Administrative Assistant

Primary Responsibilities:

Leadership: We are looking to hire the next leader of Camp Susquehannock. The ideal candidate would have a strong understanding of leadership principals and the capability of leading both experienced professionals as well as young college-age adults. Experience in a similarly sized organization (approximately 50 employees) would be ideal. The candidate must be capable of strategic planning as well as organizing, evaluating, and motivating employees towards the successful implementation of that plan. The ability to collaborate with the Senior Staff while still being able to gain support for independent decisions is an essential skill. We are seeking a Director with a friendly demeanor who enjoys talking to people of all ages and backgrounds as this person will be the face of the Camp to campers, alumni, parents, and staff. The Director will need to embody the values and mission of Camp Susquehannock.

Recruiting and Camper Retention: One of Susquehannock’s current challenges is camper enrollment. While the retention is quite high, the number of new campers is not where we need it to be. Recruitment will involve finding new families through our network, word of mouth, current parents, alumni, etc. House visits and recruitment fair attendance are required. This will be the Director’s primary duty in the off-season.

Alumni Engagement and Fundraising: Many successful camps are dedicating efforts to alumni engagement and fundraising to secure their future. Alumni efforts include communication, reunion events, dedicated fundraising efforts, and a lot of volunteer management. It is essential that Camp Susquehannock engages in more targeted fundraising for special projects of alumni and current parents.

Organizational Management: The Director of Camp will oversee the summer staff during the season. In the off-season with help of an administrative assistant, the Director will be responsible for all communication with parents, campers, and staff as well as hiring all staff for the upcoming summer. Additional off-season responsibilities include managing a budget, organizing all camp documents and forms, and maintaining the camper and alumni database.

Other Responsibilities:


  • Communicates with parents, staff, alumni, campers, and prospective families
  • Oversees hiring of all staff (senior staff, counselors, etc.)
  • Oversees registration of campers
  • Manages relationships with Susquehannock’s various vendors
  • Attends camp fairs, reunions, conferences
  • Manages the scholarship process
  • Orders all marketing materials for camp, including “camp swag” for sale in the camp store
  • Works closely with Director of Operations to ensure operational aspects of Camp are met


  • Manages the various “department heads” and helps runs senior staff meetings
  • Oversees training week and leads staff in various meetings
  • Communicates with parents, including about disciplinary issues, and manages all camper information
  • Manages tutoring program    

Ideal Experience/Qualifications

  • Bachelors Degree, ideally with concurrent or advanced study of camp admin or related fields
  • Demonstrated dedication to continuing education in fields related to summer camp administration and youth development
  • Physical, intellectual, and emotional strength and agility to thrive in the summer camp work environment and lifestyle
  • Demonstrated understanding of child development 
  • Excellent relational skills for working with campers, parents, staff, volunteers and alumni
  • Ability and desire to work with and nurture a diverse community of campers, parents, staff, and volunteers
  • Successful experience working within an established budget, meeting revenue targets, and reducing costs where possible without diminishing program quality
  • Excellent organizational and communications skills
  • Excellent supervisory skills. Ideally a successful history of increasing responsibility supervising employees and volunteers
  • Strong customer service orientation and skills
  • Effective understanding of essential technology skills: Microsoft Office; Google Drive; Quickbooks, etc
  • Physical and mental ability to perform effectively in the execution of all emergency procedures and safety practices
  • Current driver’s license valid in the U.S.A.
  • Thorough understanding of how to earn American Camp Association accreditation.

Please note this position is not based in Brackney, PA. That is the location of the camp, but the job can be performed within a 3-5 hr drive of Susquehannock.

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply

Please send a resume and cover letter to