Student Discipline Coordinator

Job Type

Full Time


Minimum: $50,000
Maximum: $70,000



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1400 Main Drive NW
United States


Position Overview: The Student Discipline Coordinator is responsible for coordinating student discipline interventions, including an In School Suspension (ISS) modeled after the principles of Restorative Justice. They work closely with the Special Education team and consulting with DCI’s RISE program, a long-term intervention for students with frequent classroom based behavioral challenges. The Student Discipline Coordinator is responsible for managing accurate discipline data records and conducting data analysis for schoolwide trends and student behavior incidents. The Student Discipline Coordinator  will lead the ISS program, ensuring it is aligned to Restorative Justice principles, and serving as the lead monitor and trainer for other staff members involved in supporting ISS. They will regularly communicate with leadership and staff concerning student discipline trends and areas of concern.

Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree required. A Master's Degree in secondary education preferred

  • Experience in urban education/diverse environments
  • At least 3 years teaching experience, preferably at the secondary level
  • Strong data management skills, experience with Excel and Google Sheets
  • Experience in the International Baccalaureate strongly preferred
  • Experience in language immersion environment/bilingualism strongly preferred
  • Experience leading schoolwide student programming or interventions
  • Knowledge of best practices for students who receive special education or ESL services
  • Understanding of the public charter school landscape in DC
  • Strong collaboration and communication skills, both oral and written

Essential Attributes

  • Collaborate with the Dean of Students on implementing and supporting DCI’s restorative justice process by maintaining a restorative In School Suspension model
  • Monitor and own data collection and analysis concerning student discipline initiatives
  • Responsible for tracking and reporting major disciplinary actions, such as In School and Out of School Suspensions to OSSE
  • Lead and train all staff in the implementation of In School Suspension
  • Maintain emotional stability throughout a student crisis, de-escalating students and clearly communicating with the discipline team
  • Communicate effectively and maintain strong relationships with students and families and colleagues
  • Communicate with parents concerning relevant discipline issues, concerns and suspensions
  • Collaborate as needed with the Special Education Team to plan, develop, and implement individual student behavior contracts in conjunction with the classroom teacher and parents
  • Assist in developing programs and/or activities to promote positive student behavior as well as behavior intervention strategies
  • Assist with monitoring and supervising students in hallways, cafeteria and at arrival and dismissal

Data Analysis

  • Share information about student progress with stakeholders, including school leaders and counselors  
  • Log student discipline incidents in an accurate and timely manner
  • Collaborate with the Dean of Students and Principals in the analysis of discipline data, with the goal of reducing misbehaviors, suspensions, etc.
  • Analyze student discipline data to understand the areas of greatest weakness and develop systems and structures (incentive systems, schoolwide procedures, professional development for teachers) to target reductions of specific behaviors

Classroom Support

  • Work with the teachers to promote classroom environment free of discipline issues so teachers can teach and all students can learn to the best of their ability
  • Act as a resource person for staff training in the area of discipline issues, and provides related materials
  • Assist teachers in classroom management and effective instructional practices

Professional Community

  • Actively participate in school teams and meetings, with the goal of developing professional knowledge and collaboratively problem solving with colleagues
  • Comply with district policies and administrative rules and directives

Required Skills

  • Holds high expectations for performance regardless of students background and initial ability
  • Passionately dedicated to DCI’s mission and a steadfast belief that all students deserve preparation for the future of their choice
  • Proven ability to work collaboratively and flexibly with diverse team of teachers and administrators
  • Ambitious to grow as an educator and reaching high standards professionally


DCI is committed to the principles of servant leadership and to providing faculty and staff with the resources and training they need to provide an excellent education experience for every student and family.

  • We have a benefits package that includes health and disability insurance and paid leave.  
  • We offer teachers daily planning time, professional development, and reasonable class sizes.
  • Teachers and staff have the appropriate technology and support to do their work.

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree