Create a simple, serious, fun visionary learning package

Job Type

Part Time Contract


Details: $300 - $500




United States


Visionary Topics is a new community learning platform. We are looking for people to create a learning package consisting of three simple sessions (using our online template), and then to offer these to the public in one public meeting.

Topics ask the user to resolve a problem that is of vital importance in the life of the individual. Topics work by short sessions that last an hour or two, to be taken online or in small community groups. Each session is composed of perspectives that users can vote on, as well as resources and other material to guide the process forward. Topics is based on the idea that there is always something true about what you oppose, and that it is possible to bring all views together in a respectful, transformative resolution. 

Work required for this contract:

1. Create three Topic Sessions

2. Hold a Meetup meeting

3.  Share on Social media

Pay: $300 - $500, with the potential for more work depending on the scope of work you select.

Applicant requirements

Our main interest is simply in getting high quality content. This could mean that you have an educational background with the basic practical and theoretical skills needed, experience in the Topic areas, or special interest or insight into it.

If you are not located in Portland, Oregon or Anchorage, Alaska we ask that you be able to hold a meeting in a city of at least half a million population.

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Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

2-year degree

How To Apply