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Working at DC Prep

DC Prep's faculty and staff are passionate, talented, and uncompromising educators with a mission to make sure all students succeed at a high level. Every aspect of our organization and program is designed – and continually refined – to ensure that goal. DC Prep’s supportive, stimulating, and professionally rewarding learning environment continuously develops and motivates high-performing teachers. DC Prep's staff and school leadership are building schools that promote meaningful relationships between faculty and students, enable excellent teaching, and foster professional collaboration. The management team is ensuring an organization that is focused and effective. The end result: great outcomes for students. 

DC Prep students spend approximately 25% more time in school than other DC public school students. Elementary campus students attend school from 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM with optional after-care until 6:00 PM. At the middle campus, all 4th graders, new 5th graders, and students receiving tutoring or participating in Homework Center attend school from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM. All other middle school students are in school from 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM. Teachers are on call every evening until 8:00 PM to assist students with homework questions and challenges. 


DC Prep’s Operations Manager is a key member of the school‘s leadership team, working closely with the School Principal to ensure that the school is a great success. Specifically, the Operations Manager will have four primary functions: overseeing daily operational activities; overseeing business administration; providing general administrative oversight and support for the school; and supporting student recruitment and enrollment processes. The Operations Manager reports to the Director of Operations in the Home Office, with a dotted line reporting relationship with the campus Principal. 


Overseeing Daily Operational Activities

Assist the Principal, school leadership team, and other faculty in making sure that the school runs smoothly.

  • Supervise all supporting operations team members at the campus, including the Operations Assistants, Safety & Facilities Associates, Facilities Engineer, and Food Service Coordinator (if applicable);
  • Serve as the main point of contact to the school food service company, ensuring that food arrives on time and in proper quantities and condition; troubleshooting problems as they arise;
  • Coordinate with the custodial service and maintenance staff to ensure that the school is appropriately cleaned and troubleshoot any problems;
  • Supervise any custodial or food service staff who are on the school’s payroll (if applicable);
  • Coordinate with appropriate staff or faculty to make sure that student meals are appropriately tracked;
  •  Oversee building maintenance and coordinate with vendors on repairs, deliveries, and installations;
  • Serve as the main point of contact for the school nurse (provided by an external agency), assisting with any questions, concerns, or issues that may arise related to student health needs;
  • Respond to all safety-related incidents at the school level and manage the collection and submission of all school-based incident reports;
  • Support arrival and dismissal processes on a daily basis, ensuring that the school is prepared for a safe and orderly arrival and dismissal each day;
  • Coordinate all school-wide emergency procedures including evacuation and lock-down drills.
Overseeing Business Administration

Ensure that business operations function smoothly, and activities are undertaken in an efficient and cost-effective fashion.

  • Oversee the procurement of all goods and services for the school, ensuring that the school has what it needs to support student learning and staff work;
  • Research and coordinate with vendors to fulfill various school needs;
  • Receive supplies and track shipments as needed, in collaboration with the Operations Assistants;
  • Support the Operations Assistants in monitoring inventories for all common school supplies and uniforms (if applicable);
  • Coordinate with HR Team to execute onboarding, benefits enrollment, and off-boarding for all school-based employees;
  • Processing semi-monthly payroll;
  • Track and analyze meals count data as requested to support compliance with the reimbursement process for the National School Lunch Program
  • Serve as the school-level contact with DC Prep’s outsourced accounting vendor;
  • Reconcile all school-level expenses and Accounts Payable.
  • Oversee all school-level Accounts Receivable including funds collection from field trips, book fair, after-school programming, etc.

General Administrative Oversight and Support

  • Interact with parents and students who need assistance;
  • Assist with photocopying, school mailings, and phone coverage as needed;
  • Fulfill student monitoring duties such as lunch duty, recess duty, late pick-up, and/or detention duty, as required;
  • Assist Principal in monitoring school attendance and punctuality, and any other way to improve educational operations;
  • Any other projects as requested by the Principal or Director of Operations as needed. 

Supporting Student Enrollment Processes

  • Track and monitor school enrollment information and work with Operations Assistants to ensure that all enrollment paperwork is accurate and on file for all enrolled students;
  • Coordinate with Home Office staff to ensure that all enrollment documents meet state and federal compliance guidelines and requirements.

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