Development and Delivery of an Artisanal and Natural Products (ANP) Incubator and Accelerator Programme

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Prospero Zambia

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October 15, 2020
September 17, 2020


Location: Zambia and Remote

Sector: Tourism and Hospitality

Initiative: Artisanal and Natural Products

Anticipated Start Date: 15 October 2020


Prospero is a UKaid-funded private sector development entity designed to incentivise investment in innovation that will change the way that market systems work and create new growth opportunities for MSMEs. We focus on the following high-growth potential sectors:

  • Food and Agriculture: Increasing competitiveness and value of Zambian food products in end consumer markets.
  • Mining and Mining Services: Increasing the sustainable and inclusive economic impact of mining in Zambia.
  • Tourism and Hospitality: Increasing the value and proportion of tourist revenues captured by local businesses.
  • Investment Services: To increase MSME access to appropriate financial services by strengthening the Zambian finance and investment ecosystem.
  • Business Services: To increase MSME access to appropriate non-financial services to stimulate business innovation and growth.

We partner with leading private sector players, government agencies and business associations to design synergistic initiatives that support strong business model development, promote transformative financial services, attract quality investors and foster enabling business and investment environments.


Prospero’s predecessor – Private Enterprise Programme Zambia (PEPZ) – worked within the crafts sector, focusing on market development of several product lines including baskets, jewellery, small wooden goods, woven products and others, with a particular emphasis on products that very small-scale producers could create. Under Prospero, we are widening the breadth of this effort through our Artisanal and Natural Products initiative.

Zambia’s artisanal and natural products sector (including crafts) is small and fragmented, which inhibits growth of the industry and minimises the potential economic benefits that could be otherwise enjoyed by a large population of low-income Zambians. Prospero’s work in this sector is focused around facilitating competitive industry growth and market development leading to scaled job creation and growth opportunities for Zambian MSMEs. Several of the key sector constraints include:

  • Limited awareness of global demand for artisanal and natural products as well as what products could be competitively developed using Zambian inputs.
  • Few significant commercial connections with larger markets.
  • Limited availability of key supplies/inputs necessary for export into larger markets.
  • Limited business skills applicable to the artisanal and natural products sector.
  • Limited capacity within the sector itself in terms of human resources – industry leadership, buyers’ agents, design experts, service providers, etc.
  • A limited entrepreneur base and few facilities available to support entrepreneurial growth within this sector.
  • No comprehensive catalogue of what products are being created (or have the potential to be developed), who is creating them and where in Zambia they are being produced.


Under a multi-year time horizon, Prospero’s longer-term goals under this initiative is to facilitate Zambia’s emergence as a stronger source destination of choice for a larger number and wider diversity of wholesale and retail buyers in the global artisanal and natural products industry.

The overall objective of this assignment is to facilitate development of a greater pool of high-capacity, commercially-oriented entrepreneurs who:

  • become aware of and can effectively identify commercial opportunities within the ANP sector (domestically, regionally and overseas),
  • are equipped with necessary skills to take advantage of opportunities (basic business management, appropriate technical awareness, QA/QC, etc.),
  • emerge with greater skills, market awareness and confidence to take greater leadership in sector development in Zambia.


To achieve this objective, Prospero would like to contract a service provider to:

  • Develop and deliver an innovative, interactive and practical ANP incubator and acceleration programme.

This programme should:

include a minimum of two “modules” or in-take opportunities that cater to different levels of ANP producer capacity:

  • Less experience producers would be appropriate for the incubator, whereas more experienced producers would better fit directly into the accelerator programme.
  • The programme should emphasise commercial approaches to entrepreneurship in the sector.
  • The programme should be developed with more technical attention on the most competitive types of products available or potentially available in the Zambian market.
  • The programme should also incorporate important business services that are necessary for successful functioning of the ANP value chain (packaging, shipping, marketing, etc.)

Include a pipeline mechanism for high-performing and high-capacity entrepreneurs to have opportunities to access small grants from Prospero.

Please note that:

  • This programme needs to be developed and accomplished in partnership with a Zambian organisation or individuals.
  • The programme should be developed in a way that it can be partially/fully localised and eventually replicated within Zambia on a commercial or semi-commercial basis. Building local industry leadership is a critical component of this piece of work.
  • As much as possible, both the entrepreneurship and incubator programmes should be accessible to rural MSMEs or producer groups (in additional to urban participants).
  • The incubation programme should initially focus on working with firms that already have commercial operations and the highest likelihood for commercial success.
  • Throughout development and delivery of the programme assignment, particular attention should be paid to women producers, remote/rural producer groups and disabled producers (and opportunities to engage with any of these groups.
  • The programme should maintain a balance of working with as large numbers of producers as possible while maintaining effective, tailored material and support.
  • The programme should have an aspect of tailored, individualised TA support to the best performing and most high-potential producers.


  1. Inception Report - Due 3 weeks after contract signature
  2. Completed training programme, including relevant materials
  3. Launch of Training programme
  4. Completion of training programme


  1. Extensive understanding of the global artisanal and natural products industry, trends and market dynamics.
  2. Extensive experience working with MSMEs in the artisanal and natural products sector, with preference for experience in Zambia.
  3. Substantial experience in training development and delivery.
  4. Awareness of a wide variety of ANP product lines and necessary aspects of competitiveness for each.
  5. A solid understanding of limitations/challenges within the Zambian artisanal and natural products sector.
  6. Proven ability to develop market linkages for artisanal and natural products producers.
  7. A proven track record of successful work with both donor agencies and private sector.


  • Inception Report (also a deliverable)
  • Monthly Update Reports
  • Assignment Completion Report


Location: Zambia and Remote

Sector: Tourism and Hospitality

Initiative: Artisanal and Natural Products

Anticipated Start Date: 15 October 2020


Prospero is a UKaid-funded private sector…

Details at a glance

  • Remote Possible
  • Full Time Schedule
  • Contract
  • Professional


759 Independence Avenue, Lusaka 10101, ZM

How to Apply

How to apply


Interested parties intending to submit a proposal may request clarifications to the assignment terms of reference at any point up to seven days before the deadline for submission given below. Email for any clarifications/questions.

Potential service providers are required to submit proposals for this assignment comprising:

Technical proposal (no more than 6 pages) comprising:

  • Individual/corporate profile, highlighting relevant experience with specific references to past assignments.
  • Understanding of the assignment and any comments on the objectives, scope of work or deliverables.
  • Methodology to deliver against the assignment objectives.
  • Roles and names of key personnel.
  • Suggestions to improve the effectiveness of the assignment, if applicable.

Curriculum vitae for key personnel named in the proposal (no more than 2 pages per person).

Financial proposal (in a MS Excel compatible spreadsheet) showing:

  • Fees: Names and roles of individuals, number of days input, daily fee rates and total cost (inclusive of all taxes)
  • Reimbursable expenses budget: Items of expenditure, definition of units, number of units required, maximum cost per unit, and maximum budget for each item of expenditure (Note: expenses will be reimbursed at cost, up to the maximum amount outlined in the final budget)
  • Proposed payment schedule: Payments on contracting, inputs and deliverables.

**Prospero may reject any proposal that does not comply with the required format at its sole discretion.


Potential service providers should submit their proposal electronically to no later than 17 September 2020.

**Please indicate “ANP Accelerator” in the subject line

Prospero reserves the right to amend, extend or cancel this request for proposals at any stage. The costs of preparing proposals is entirely on the account of the organisation preparing the proposal.


Prospero will seek (but does not guarantee) to complete an evaluation of compliant proposals within ten days of the deadline for submission. The preferred bidder will be informed and invited to contract negotiations. If the contract negotiations with the preferred bidder are unsuccessful, Prospero may either;

  1. cancel the request for proposals, or
  2. identify an alternative preferred bidder based on the evaluation of the remaining proposals.

In any case, contract award will be subject to the standard Prospero due diligence assessment.

How to apply


Interested parties intending to submit a proposal may request clarifications to the assignment terms of reference at any point up…

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