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The Youth Development Institute (YDI) advances the positive development of young people by promoting the principles and practices that enable them to thrive.

Our vision is that young people in New York City will receive high quality services, supports and opportunities that foster their assets, build healthy community connections, strengthen their skills and competencies, and prepares them to participate in the creation of a more equitable world.

YDI has led the field in promoting Positive Youth Development in New York City for 25 years by developing innovative program models, serving as a technical assistance provider to numerous City initiatives, supporting organizations to bolster their youth development programming, and providing organizational development support. 

The Youth Development Institute is also seeking talent to join our pool of consultants.



Experienced and Emerging Consultants

Youth Development Institute consultants will bring expertise to organizations to help them improve staff practices, program design, and quality management of youth centered programs.  Our need for consultants stretches across a variety of areas, including program design, professional development and training, management, strategy, leadership, tools and resource development and curriculum development.  

The projects you are involved in and the tasks you are given depend on the area you are working on, but general responsibilities include:

  • conducting research, surveys and interviews to gain understanding of the organization
  • analyzing data
  • detecting issues and investigating ways to resolve them
  • assessing the pros and cons of possible strategies
  • compiling and presenting information orally, visually and in writing
  • making recommendations for improvement, using computer models to test them and presenting findings to client
  • implementing agreed solutions
  • developing and implementing new procedures or training.

Qualifications and training required

YDI seeks two types of consultants for our pool:

o  Experienced/Established consultants—Independent consultants who do consulting full -time and/or have worked as consultants for 5 or more years.

o  Emerging consultants—these are seasoned practitioners who are interested in exploring the capacity-building field.  This is a wonderful opportunity to bring your lived knowledge and experience to other youth work professionals. No need to quit your full-time job in direct service!  Emerging consultants will be paired with a YDI staff member to provide services such as training, meeting facilitation, on-site coaching, or program re-design. 

Key skills for consultants

·      Ability to work independently

·      Analytical skills

·      Excellent interpersonal skills

·      Tact and persuasive ability

·      IT skills

·      Good oral and written communication skills

·      Self-motivation

·      Foreign language abilities can also be useful.

All consultants (Experienced and Emerging) will be required to attend a quarterly Consultants Institute to connect you with our organization, support your consulting, to be grounded in our framework and consulting approach.  

Level of Language Proficiency

Foreign language abilities can also be useful.

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement

How To Apply


To apply, please email a resume and cover letter to jobs@ydinstitute.org with your name and "Emerging Consultant" or “Experienced Consultant” in the subject line. Applications will be reviewed as they are received until the positions are filled.