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“I work in marketing for a probiotic company. It's okay, but there's only so much purpose I can find in healthy digestive tracts.”

‘The New York office has that pretty cool program where once a year we all go to distribute fresh fruits to homeless people in the streets. I officially have the social impact of a honeycrisp apple.”

“Don't get me wrong, I have ideas for activation, but I don't think the boss of my boss is really interested in pushing the envelope at this point.”

Sounds familiar? We hear you. Sometimes it's hard to find purpose in what we do. Marketing skills can be used to push a consumerist message, or it could contribute to change the world. About that: we kinda want to change the world, so maybe you could help us.

About Epic

We are Epic. We believe that this world is full of injustices that should no longer be tolerated. Kids that die for lack of healthcare. Kids that don't go to school. Kids in human trafficking. Adults in human trafficking. Refugees on their own in a country they barely know. Gay teenagers kicked out on the street. Kids who can't read. You name it, it probably makes us boil inside. So we want to do something about it.

At Epic, we aim to find solutions for those problems. We spend 7 months every year looking for the most impactful social organizations who tackle injustices on the ground and then we fundraise for them like crazy. We work tirelessly to hack the system and find new ways for people to give. And it works. The kids in the streets of cambodia are going to school. The young girls in the slums of Mumbai are sheltered from prostitution. The AIDS orphans in Africa are getting schooled. It works, so we want to do more.

At Epic we want to make giving the norm so we can help the billion people who still live in misery. We want to advocate for companies and individuals to share their success. Will you help us?

About You

In the 2 to 5 years since you graduated in Marketing/Communications, Business or related fields, you've had a first successful experience in marketing in a company, or a nonprofit focused on advocacy, and you are looking for a more dynamic environment. You are keen to work in a global organization that's closer to a busy startup than a traditional nonprofit.

You can write some strong copy and work fairly autonomously with impeccable time management and great organization skills. You have an appetite for technology and you may have learned a thing or two about HTML and CSS along the way, or you like to roll up your skills and tackle new skills. You know what negative space is and the difference between requirements and specifications. You are largely fluent in digital marketing with at least some exposure to audiences, conversions and targeting. You've mentored some interns or you feel ready to start and you are comfortable taking ownership of projects. Importantly, you really want to get out of bed in the morning to have an impact on the world.

If you can speak French fluently, it's a big deal, but it's definitely not a requirement.

About the position

We are growing our marketing team and the head of the department is looking to hire for a new position which would own the delivery of some strategic initiatives in the digital space. With a strengthening presence in advocacy, we aim to activate campaigns in Europe and in the US to change mindsets about giving. From newsletters to email outreach, social media advertising, influencers outreach, video and podcast production, to online presence management and traffic analysis, activation strategies, online book promotions and experiencial marketing and social media messaging, the new hire would be able to lead our efforts, explore and learn cutting-edge approaches to influence society and deliver impactful change in philanthropy.

We need our new teammate to demonstrate the following skills:

  1. sound understanding of market analysis, differenciation, product strategy, roadmapping. It's a marketing job after all so we are serious about that,
  2. an upbeat passion for the fight against injustices, because we never forget why we get up in the morning,
  3. fluency in digital marketing concepts: how to build a digital strategy, reach and activate audiences, measure and report on effectiveness,
  4. strong writing skills, meaning the ability to write concise, accurate, engaging copy that aptly describes Epic's value proposition and mission,
  5. strong knowledge of social media (Facebook/Twitter/Linkedin/Instagram) as the hire will eventually drive Epic's social media feeds,
  6. a team spirit. We work together, even if each of us is accountable for their own share,
  7. working knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite, particularly InDesign and Photoshop are an advantage,
  8. proficiency in email platforms, particularly mailchimp,
  9. a sense of humor,
  10. basic knowledge of HTML/CSS and desire to grow these skills, and
  11. strong understanding of branding principles.

Sounds like you? Or mostly like you? Are you looking to make a career move? Come and talk to us. Our New York office is situated at the heart of Manhattan on fifth avenue. We provide a friendly environment, a startup atmosphere, regular social events and benefits. Join the heart of a growing, global movement.

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