Student Support Specialist - Baltimore STEM Core

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Full Time


Details: $25 per hour, up to 40 hours per week as an independent contractor to Growth Sector



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United States


Growth Sector, a nonprofit workforce intermediary, is seeking a Student Support Specialist to work with the STEM Core Program located at Digital and Forest Park High Schools in Baltimore, Maryland. The goal of the STEM Core is to provide dual credit Baltimore City Community College math courses, hands-on STEM and engineering activities, STEM career exploration and college orientation to Forest Park and Digital High Schools.

Program Description:

The STEM Core is a cohort-based learning community meant to fast-track students’ progress towards a STEM Degree and careers. The STEM Core is meant to assist remedial math students, many of whom wouldn't otherwise enter STEM pathways, earn degrees and careers in computer science and engineering.

Position Description:

The Student Support Specialist (SSS) works to help students in the STEM Core to be successful both academically and vocationally. The SSS supports students directly by coordinating program activities, sitting in on classes, facilitating study skills workshops, meeting individually with students, and helping them attain high-level industry internships.

Description of duties, responsibilities:

  • Provide wraparound student support to all participants in the STEM Core in order to help them address challenges inside and outside of school including, but not limited to, developing successful study habits, communicating and working individually with faculty, succeeding in completion of hands-on STEM activities, college orientation, Financial Aid assistance, referrals to on- and off-campus services as needed, etc
  • Work with faculty and project partners to deliver high-quality and engaging program orientation before program start in order to build cohort community, introduce faculty and partners, and implement study skill development
  • Attend most class sessions in order to monitor student attendance, course content, student achievement, and maintain a handle on concepts taught in class to liaise with program tutors.
  • Maintain detailed tracking records of students’ progress, grades, hands-on STEM project status, internship availability, etc and share with necessary faculty and program partners
  • Oversight of project activities including maintaining and recruiting about 25 students each in cohorts at both Forest Park and Digital High Schools
  • Coordinate regular meetings between faculty and program partners in the cohort to discuss curriculum, individual students, and enrichment programming
  • Coordinate math tutoring sessions and keep tutor notified of current concepts covered in class and specific individuals needing additional assistance
  • Meet with each STEM Core student individually once per month to assess progress, relay information from faculty, make necessary referrals, etc.
  • Organize and facilitate Study Skills workshops as needed covering topics such as, but not limited to, Time Management, Stress Reduction at School, Resume Writing, etc.
  • Liaise with Baltimore City Schools and High School administration, Baltimore City Community College and Math Department, and other program partners to ensure proper course delivery, tutoring, planning for future semesters and academic counseling services are being provided
  • Plan and facilitate other enrichment opportunities including field trips, graduations, career panels, speaker series, etc.
  • Create and distribute all program marketing materials including fliers, applications, etc.

NOTE: This position is currently funded through June 1, 2019. Partners very optimistic that additional funding will be acquired to continue the position beyond June 1, 2019.

Level of Language Proficiency

This position has been a great fit for current graduate students studying counseling, social work, etc.

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply

To apply, please send resume and cover letter to Growth Sector's STEM Core Program Manager, Gabe Hanzel-Sello, at