Quantitative Analyst (Location Flexible)

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Part Time






New York
New York
United States


Location: Flexible /Remote

About the Center for Policing Equity

The Center for Policing Equity is a research and action think tank that, through evidence-based approaches to social justice, conducts quantitative research to create levers for social, cultural, and policy change.

Primary Objective: To ensure that the preparation of data and the execution of analyses effectively answer corresponding research questions.


• Each analytic plan is successfully designed to answer the research question(s) at hand

(e.g., is multiple regression the best technique, or is HLM necessary?)

• Raw data are merged and cleaned appropriately (e.g., is the inclusion/exclusion criteria

appropriate? Is the common identifier used to merge sets appropriate?)

• Missing data are appropriately addressed (e.g., is the method used to remove cases or

transform variables when data are missing suitable?)

• There are no errors in the analyses or the interpretation of the output (e.g., all of the

assumptions that cannot be violated were considered, the appropriate variables are

controlled for, and the effect sizes are interpreted correctly)


• Skilled in multiple regression and multi-level modeling (e.g. SEM and HLM)

• Highly proficient in Mplus, Stata, R, and SPSS (familiarity with Python is desired, but

not required)

• Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) certified (or equivalent. This may be

completed after an offer letter is signed)

• Expertise in interpreting syntax across statistical software platforms

• Familiarity with administrative dataset cleaning and merging

• Comfort with collaboration across a geographically distributed team


• Deliverable-based

• Negotiable and commensurate with experience

How to Apply

Please send the following materials in PDF form, to hiring@policingequity.org.

• CV

• Cover Letter

• Two representative writing samples (peer-reviewed scholarship and scholarship

currently under review is preferred).

A list of three potential references

o Name

o Title

o Affiliation

o Email address

Please be sure to label each PDF file by including your name. For example, your

submitted CV should be labeled, “LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME.CV.pdf.” Upon emailing

application materials, please include your name and “Research Scholar” in the email’s subject field.

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement