Marketing and Communication Manager

Job Type

Full Time




1820 Fort Myer Drive
Suite 320
United States


Are you a passionate up and coming marketer looking for a chance to make a difference in a non-profit? Want to help embrace the complexity and to help change the narrative in education? Do you understand that marketing is not just making a new logo and slapping up a new website? If you can say yes to all three of these questions, we have the job for you!

PDK International, a 112-year old non-profit education start-up is looking for a bright and talented Marketing and Communications Manager (MarComms Manager). The ideal candidate will have the the disposition to work in a rapidly changing environment, the experience and skill to educate passionate strategists, and the drive to execute marketing in a space that has traditionally not prioritized it.

The MarComms Manager will report to and take direction from the Chief Operating Officer who serves as the marketing and business development lead for the organization.

Required qualifications

  • 1-2 years or equivalent proven experience or training in Marketing OR the exceptional passion, facility, and eagerness to learn it while doing it
  • Willingness to work hard but to have fun while doing it
  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills
  • Excellent eye for art and format (someone who can see and explain the difference between and
  • A belief that social justice is a requirement for the continued transformation in education
  • Facility in social media, websites, marketing kit design and construction, and direct mail
  • Someone who understands the difference between Marketing, Communications, Public Relations, Brand, and Sales, but can meld all 5 as needed into coherent campaigns
  • Facility with databases, lead chain to purchase, or equivalent lifecycle experience
  • Strong self-starter who understands that the individual contribution is part of the team contribution
  • A nimble and effective marketer who can execute on a minimally viable product, be willing to test and fast fail, and be able to reset and iterate quickly and effectively
  • A PowerPoint maven with a gut to understand how much text needs to be on a slide to create the biggest impact
  • An Excel guru who remembers how to do pivot tables, vlookups, and sparklines as well as can harness the power of the new data visualization capabilities of the program
  • Facility with technology and web-based tools
  • Exceptionally organized and familiar with project management tenets
  • Bachelor’s degree, equivalent years of experience or higher
  • Be smart, hardworking, interested in learning from and experienced marketing professional and hungry for a challenge

Desired, but not necessary qualifications

  • Former pre-med, pre-law, or engineering backgrounds desired
  • MBA or equivalent experience including but not limited to sales and customer service experience
  • Military or related organizational experience
  • Word Press, Craft, HTML, and or PHP experience

Job Summary and Essential Job Functions

The MarComms Manager will be responsible for insuring sustainability of the Mission through effective growth and sustainability of our various products and services and will help bring our mission to life through our varied efforts including but not limited to: social media, data-driven traditional and non-traditional marketing and communications campaigns, microsite work, conference strategy and attendance, print and direct mail and more.

  • Develop, implement and evaluate an annual marketing and communications plan that includes school cycles, holidays, campaigns, and strategies
  • Research and curate high interest content to increase traffic an activity to our sites and social media channels
  • Curate and organize a partner and stakeholder conference strategy plan
  • Develop and manage print and electronic communications and collateral
  • Coordinate webpage development and maintenance for stickiness and effectiveness
  • Coordinate conference and event promotion and marketing
  • Serve as the external lead for public relations including press release sand damage control
  • Be the communications point on media interactions including pre-wiring by creating and curating op eds, stories, amicus briefs and the like
  • Execute a mentor-to-member story capture campaign
  • Track and measure level of engagement
  • Other tasks as assigned

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement

How To Apply

Send a resume and cover letter to with the subject line “MarComms Manager, I can follow directions.”