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The Senior Program Officer, in collaboration with other staff, will have leadership responsibilities in carrying out TNF’s strategic plan. Specifically, she or he will:

§ Develop innovative and cost-effective initiatives that contribute to sustainable systems change.

§ Support the implementation of projects and assess their feasibility, effectiveness, and scalability.

§ Commission unique data analyses and reports to uncover and assess opportunities for policy and programmatic intervention.

§ Promote workforce and organizational development. 

§ Address pressing public health issues.


The position requires an accomplished professional with a minimum of 5 years in a senior management level role, a visionary, and an innovative leader. Bachelor’s degree required, with a Master’s degree in public policy, health, early childhood education, psychology or related field with corresponding experience preferred. The successful candidate should have expertise and knowledge in: non-profit or government management and planning, health and/or early childhood services, and evidence-based practices.  Experience working as a member of an interdisciplinary team is desired.   

The ideal candidate will have excellent oral and written communication skills, strong analytical ability, strategic thinking skills, and a willingness to go the extra mile to make programs successful.  They will have a dedication and sensitivity to working with vulnerable populations and diverse communities.

Ability to travel to locations statewide as well as out-of-state for meetings and/or events, as necessary.

Leadership Responsibilities

§ Work closely with TNF staff, private and public key stakeholders, partners at State and local levels (e.g., NJ Departments of Health, Education, Children and Families, Human Services, Medicaid, other Foundations), and community teams /grantees.

§ Maintain a breadth of knowledge about current trends, emerging issues, policy interventions, best practices, and innovations in the program’s focus areas.

§ Review, assess, and proactively cultivate grant-making opportunities and assist grantees in improving proposal quality.

§ Recommend grants for funding by soliciting peer reviews and providing critical analysis of project strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and risks.

§ Communicate effectively with all stakeholders, providing timely and accurate information necessary to make informed decisions.

Skills and Responsibilities

§ Develop funding strategies to bring about health and early childhood services systems change.

§ Maintain a network of high quality partners that through Foundation supported projects will achieve TNF mission.

§ Select partners willing to be pioneers in an area of interest to TNF and commission preliminary analyses that capture the scale of perceived problems as well as potential approaches for improvement.

§ Evaluate findings from preliminary analyses and determine media and policy strategies as well as future projects to move the agenda forward.

§ Possess a communication style that is respectful of others and highly professional.

§ Serve as an effective liaison with The Nicholson Foundation staff, partners, and grantees.

§ Collaborate with the Chief Fiscal Officer to refine performance metrics and ensure fiscal aspects of grant partnerships are logical, provide adequate resources, and precise.

§ Work with and manage external consultants.

§ Assess the impact of actions on the other programs, target populations, and systems.

§ Work with the Communications Officer to develop and disseminate external communications through media (e.g., website, press releases, Op-Eds, Twitter, etc.).

§ Strengthen and enhance grant development with potential grantees and partners,  independently and as an engaged member of TNF.  

§ Conduct site visits on pending and active projects.

§ Provide coaching and technical assistance to grantees and share evidence-based models of quality improvement methodologies to improve the quality of grant outcomes.

§ Monitor and track ongoing grants and initiatives, including evaluating and reporting to staff and external colleagues on performance.

§ Prepare and submit status updates and reports on activities, as requested.


Generous benefits Package i

Level of Language Proficiency

Proficient in English with excellent writing Skills

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

Master's degree

How To Apply

Please submit a cover letter including how you heard about this position, as well as a resume.