Communications Lead

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Part Time




Minimum: $48,000
Details: Anticipated part-time, contractor position with flexibility, hours negotiable, on schedule. Compensation dependent on experience and scope of work, up to $4,000 per month.



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United States


Front and Centered is a statewide, community-driven coalition working to achieve environmental justice by asserting policy solutions that center equity. Our members are the leadership of communities first and worst hit by environmental and climate impacts – communities of color and indigenous communities. Together, we are working to build the power and capacity of a statewide movement for racial, economic, and environmental justice. We do this by growing our member’s leadership and power to change laws, reverse destruction of the environment and our communities, rebalance the economy and political power, and build up healthy communities.

We envision a future where our communities and the earth are healing and thriving, our people have dignified work and the building blocks of opportunity and prosperity, and our government values, respects, and represents us. We are working for sovereignty, resilience, and self-sufficiency for our communities so that future generations can thrive. We strive to make racial inequities on all issues a thing of the past, and to ensure that people of color and indigenous people are at the forefront of building equitable, democratic systems and policies that work for their communities.

We believe that fundamental changes are required to achieve environmental justice and healthy, thriving, equitable futures for communities of color and indigenous communities in Washington State. We believe that sustainable, meaningful solutions to environmental and climate issues threatening everyone in Washington State cannot be created without maximizing the wisdom of indigenous communities and communities of color. We believe that our future depends on solutions created by communities who have been historically marginalized and most impacted by environmental and climate hazards.

Front and Centered seeks an experienced Communicator to complete the following scope of work:

Scope​ ​of​ ​Work Work with Front and Centered staff, Steering Committee, membership and contractors to develop and implement strategies to advance the Front and Centered coalition and our campaign priorities through communications.


● Conduct strategic communications planning for Front and Centered and our campaigns, to advance our strategic plan and policy priorities, including identifying appropriate goals and audiences, developing and implementing frames, messages, and tactics.

● Develop relationships with reporters for Front and Centered and our membership statewide.

● Shape messaging of coalitions in which we serve to reflect our priorities and improve effectiveness.

● Interprets and applies relevant communications research.

● Develop ideas and implementation strategies for communications products, such as print collateral, videos, our image library, and other creative products.

● Collaborate with other organizations in communication, arts, and other creative industries to define the Front and Centered identity.

Management and Implementation

● Works with campaign leads to develop project specific outreach and communication frames, messages, and collateral.

● Serve as our communications lead for communication work within coalitions including the Yes on 1631 campaign.

● Convene and manage a communications work group within Front and Centered to provide additional capacity and support to Front and Centered’s membership.

● Manage and improve the Front and Centered website and blog utilizing our social media channels and mass emails as effective tools to advance our work.

● Manage spokespeople requests for earned media inquires, prioritizing working with spokespeople within our membership but able to step in as a spokesperson when necessary.

● Develop press releases, talking points and spokesperson training materials for media opportunities.

● Work with members to create a storybank to share the stories of frontline, impacted communities.

● Supports fundraising efforts on frame and messaging as needed.

● Manages paid communications (including working with other vendors) as necessary to achieve outcomes.


Anticipated part-time, contractor position with flexibility, hours negotiable, on schedule. Compensation dependent on experience and scope of work, up to $4,000 per month. All additional travel and operational costs incurred will be covered by Front and Centered. Contractor will cover their own taxes, benefits, health care, etc. We are an equal opportunity employer and strongly encourage people of color, women, and LGBTQ individuals to apply. Front and Centered is fiscally sponsored for this work through the Latino Community Fund

Level of Language Proficiency

Written and verbal communication skills in English and an additional language prevalent in Washington State or demonstrated experience working with multilingual communities

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

No requirement

How To Apply

Interested individuals should send an email to Tiffany Mendoza at with a subject line, “Front and Centered Field Organizer”. Please attach a letter of interest and resume. Interviews will be scheduled with qualified candidates on a rolling basis. Position will remain open until filled.