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Full Time


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CHAT has a mission to impact hundreds of youth in the East End of Richmond. CHAT After School Program is a ecosystem of programs during out of school hours students from K-12. This ecosystem includes Homework Help and Mentoring on Mondays and Tuesdays from 4-6, Elective opportunities on Thursdays that include sewing and hip hop dance, as well Discipleship Groups and a monthly Youth Group in partnership with East End Fellowship.

CHAT After School Program is currently led by a full-time Director. As the program grows, we are recruiting a vision-aligned, qualified leader as the After School Associate Director to work with the Director to drive the program forward in quality and scope. This person will have a diverse set of responsibilities that are heavily people-based, but also require an ability for high-level thought leadership.

This person will spend their time working closely with the After School Director to ensure that program strategy comes alive and goals are met. The collaborative and trust-based relationship between the Director and Associate Director will be a high priority.

A successful candidate will have a high level of spiritual maturity and as well as relevant experience.

The Associate Director’sprimary responsibilitieswill be to drive the CHAT After School Program mission by supporting the efforts of the Director, which will include the following

  1. 1) Quickly building authentic relationships - As one of our three flagship values, the After School Program is looking to increase the number and quality of authentic relationshipsacross the diverse spectrum of our stakeholders. In order of priority, this person will help create and drive a culture of mutual respect and trust among students, their families, volunteers, and CHAT staff.
  2. 2) Establishing the spiritual growth plan of our students– From a place of authentic relationship, this person will create and implement a thoughtful, long-term approach to the spiritual growth and development of our students including but not limited to developing age-appropriate curriculum.
  3. 3) Closing the gap between Youth Behavior and Staff/Volunteer Response– This person will bring an ability to model and lead others in responding to Youth Behavior including, but not limited to thoroughly road-testing CHAT’s existing Youth Behavior Policy, training volunteers and staff in responding to youth behavior, communicating with parents and guardians.
  4. 4) Effective Communication– Work with Director in-person volunteer recruitment, training and coaching of staff, achieving shared meaning with families, and other “road show” opportunities.
  5. 5) Periodic people management– This position may have 2-3 Year-Long Residents to mentor, disciple and/or coach.

Sample Daily Schedule

While each weekday has a unique set of responsibilities, a sample daily schedule helps applicants understand what will be expected.

Arrive at 11AM: A typical day starts later in the morning, due to the inherent evening responsibilities of an after school program.

11:00 AM–Noon: Meet with After School Director to align for the week or lead the After School Team in a training developed earlier by Director and Associate

Noon–1:00 PM: Lunch with a key volunteer to discuss their specialized volunteer role 1:00–2:00 PM: Meet with alternating Resident mentee

2:00–3:30 PM: Office work (i.e. scripting out a Volunteer Recruitment visit, sending parents communication)

3:30–6:00 PM: Provide oversight for Spiritual Development and Youth Behavior during Mentoring 6:00–6:45 PM: Wrap-up sites, meet with feedback on the day’s program

6:45–8:00 PM: Occasional evening activities (1-2x per week)such as volunteer orientation meeting, speaking at a local church, dinner with volunteer


Minimum Qualifications

● Faith in Jesus Christ, as articulated by the Apostles Creed and as demonstrated by a life that includes being part of a faith community and encouraging others to be part of faith communities

● Strong oral and written communication skills

● Demonstrated track record of building trust with stakeholders

Preferred Qualifications

● 3+ years of work experience in medium or large organizations with track record of success

● Significant experience in reporting to executive leadership<img src="//:0" alt="page2image14352" height="0.750000" width="462.000000">

● Experience working in

o Urban Youth Work

o Spiritual Instruction (especially of Youth) o Public-facing Organizations

o Settings of Poverty

o Trauma Informed Care

Church Hill Activities and Tutoring serves the youth of the East End of Richmond, VA, and equips them with the Heart, Head and Hands to make transformative life decisions.

CHAT has four programs: After School Programs (described below); Church Hill Academy, a private 9th-12thfaith-based high school; Tiny Tykes Pre-School; and the Work Leadership Institute, a workforce development program


Health & Dental Insurance

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement

How To Apply

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