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Elementary School Principal

Bronx Charter School for the Arts (Bronx Arts) is a public charter school founded on the principle that a rich and vibrant background in the arts is a key component of achieving academic excellence. We strive to serve as a model that encourages creativity and innovation in the classroom and inspires students to develop the intellectual and personal fortitude to realize their dreams.

Bronx Arts Elementary School is in its 15th year of operation serving students in Hunts Point, which is in the most impoverished congressional district in the country, with 38% of the population living at or below the federal poverty line. In 2014 Bronx County was designated 62nd out of 62 counties in New York State in the Robert Wood Johnson County Health Ranking Report inspiring the Borough President, Ruben Diaz Jr., to announce a #not62 initiative to move the Bronx out of last place by 2020. In this deeply challenged community, the founders of Bronx Arts had the audacity to build a school that is dedicated to academic excellence and excellence in arts instruction. Bronx Arts is currently one of the top performing elementary school in District 8.


Bronx Arts seeks a principal to build on the success of our elementary school that consistently out-performs district schools while ensuring an integrated and artistically rich environment that is student centered and warm. The principal will report to the Executive Director.


The Elementary School Principal is responsible for ensuring that all students achieve both academically and socially at high levels and that the school’s instructional team has the skills and knowledge necessary to deliver consistently excellent instruction. Specifically, he or she:

Student Achievement

  • Leads the design and on-going development and evaluation of the school’s curriculum, instructional program, and assessments to ensure that they result in exceptional student achievement.
  • Leads the professional development program of the instructional team to ensure that instructional staff acquire the skills and knowledge necessary for excellent instruction, and that all members of the Bronx Arts community have rich experiences in the arts.
  • Directs the administration, collection, and analysis of both qualitative and quantitative data gathered from assessments on each student to inform the instructional program and increase student achievement.
  • Ensures that students with special needs achieve at high levels both academically and socially and are fully included in the Bronx Arts community, and that all members of the Bronx Arts community have a rich experience in an inclusive environment.
  • Supervises each classroom teacher in his/her efforts to ensure that all students in his/her class are achieving at high levels both academically and socially.
  • Works collaboratively with the Director of the Arts in his/her efforts to ensure that all members of the Bronx Arts community have a rigorous and integrated experience in the arts.

School Culture

  • Leads, in collaboration with the school’s leadership team, the on-going effort to establish a school culture that reinforces the school’s mission, goals, and operating principles within all aspects of the Bronx Arts community including, but not limited to, the school’s high social expectations for students, its rituals, policies, and routines.

Human Resources and On-going Development

  • Leads the effort to recruit, select, orient, and retain a talented school faculty that is committed to excellent instruction, and the attainment of the mission of Bronx Arts together with the Director of Operations.
  • Actively seeks out ways to continually improve his/her own practice to increase his/her effectiveness.
  • Actively strives to embody Bronx Arts’ operating principles in his or her work.
  • Operates according to the professional standards of the school, which are defined in detail within the schools’ staff policies and procedures handbook.
  • Takes responsibility for the success of the organization by engaging in opportunities to further the mission of the organization within the school, broader Hunts Point, and New York City communities.


  • Commitment to and alignment with the Bronx Arts mission and vision
  • Demonstrable experience raising the achievement of students in an urban setting
  • Demonstrable success designing and implementing a full instructional plan including curriculum, content development and teacher professional development
  • Extraordinary leadership skills that inspire teamwork and dedication
  • Exceptional management and organizational skills
  • Strong communication skills with students, families, staff and community members
  • Experience being accountable for measurable goals and mission attainment
  • Ability to plan strategically and effectively adapt to unforeseen situations
  • Ability to set high expectations for student and staff behavior and create a positive school culture that is welcoming, inspirational and conducive to learning
  • At least 7 years of teaching experience in education and at least 3 years of school administration
  • The desire to work collaboratively, share best practices and learn from others
  • Fluency in Spanish preferred


  • Prior instruction and/or school leadership experience at the elementary school level
  • Personal passion for the arts


  • A seamless leadership transition .
  • Strong relationships with family, faculty and students .
  • An effective, highly-skilled and adaptive leadership team .
  • An improved school-wide data culture.
  • Improved math and ELA instruction.


We seek applicants who can begin work Summer 2018.

The position is full-time.


Bronx Arts offers a highly competitive salary based on experience and an excellent and comprehensive benefits package.

Bronx arts is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes candidates from diverse backgrounds.

Professional Level

None specified

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No requirement

How To Apply


Please send cover letter and resume to Tyrell Roddey, Director of Operations, at troddey@bronxarts.net with the subject "Elementary Principal".