Community Specialist - Madonna Manor

Job Type

Full Time


Minimum: $30,000.00
Maximum: $40,000.00




3000 Old Canton Road
Suite 470
United States


The Community Specialist is responsible for creating and implementing resident service programs specifically for low to moderate income elderly/disabled residents. Programs are intended to support the whole family, increase economic self-sufficiency, access to opportunity, and remove barriers which prevent individuals and families from being fully engaged in their community.

Essential Functions:

·        Provide general service management including intake, education (services available and application procedures) and referral of residents to service providers in the general community. These social services may include:

o  Counseling – Meals-on-Wheels

o  Financial Assistance – other needed services

o  Home Health Aides – preventive health screening

o  Homemakers – transportation

  • Provide information and refer individuals to public or private agencies or community services for assistance with elderly patient care.
  • Advise residents regarding food stamps, food, money management, sanitation, or housekeeping.

·        Develop a Resource Directory that includes a listing of state and/or local service providers that residents can contact for assistance. Examples include services to families, children, individuals who are elderly, persons with disabilities, and emergency assistance.

·        Sponsor educational events that can include subjects relating to health care, agency support, life skills, referral sources, and others.

·        Facilitate the formation of resident associations within the property if the residents are interested. The formation of these groups assists the residents in planning social events, organizing activities, and discussing daily life issues.

·         Monitor the ongoing provision of services from community agencies and keep the case management plan current with the progress of the individual.

·        Manage the provision of supportive services where appropriate.

·        Serve as a liaison to community agencies, network with community providers, and seek out new services available to the residents.

·        Assist the residents in building informal support networks with other residents, family, and friends.

 Build relationships with residents

·        Welcome new residents (and establish contact with existing residents); introduce and educate them to the resident services program.

·        Serve as a community resource and support to families. Maintaining ongoing follow-up and engagement as necessary.

·        Develop supportive professional relationships with residents that help them enhance the quality of their lives.

·        Empower and encourage residents to take steps to achieve self-sufficiency.

·        Facilitates meeting of needs when necessary, but avoids the creation of unhealthy dependence.

Service Connection & Coordination

·        Work with local community service programs to coordinate the provision of services and to tailor services to the needs and characteristics of residents.

·        Conduct outreach for community programs and recruit participants.

·        Provides general or limited case management (i.e., evaluation of social, psychological and physical needs and the development of a service plan) for a resident when such service is not being provided by the larger service community.

·        Utilize evaluation and feedback tools and strategies to ensure programs are meeting resident needs; adapt programming as needs.

·        Track data as required and work with staff on grant applications and program reporting.


Supports Property Management

·        Work in collaboration (when requested) with Property Management to resolve any day-to-day issues as well as unanticipated issues/crises.

·        Be proactive in developing systems and communicating regularly with Property Management to avoid eviction, keep residents in compliance with any lease requirements, and address any tenant issues that may need additional support.

·        Assists management in identifying residents who need assistance.

·        Does not perform duties or functions that are duly assigned to management or are associated with management responsibilities.


This is a full-time (40 hours/week) position. Salary is competitive and commensurate with experience.

Benefits include health insurance, short and long term disability insurance, paid vacation and 401(k)

retirement plan. 

Level of Language Proficiency


·        Bachelor’s degree in Social Work or degree in Gerontology, Psychology or Counseling or equivalent professional experience is preferred.

·    Trained in the aging process, elder services, disability services, drug, alcohol and medication abuse and mental health issues. 

·     Knowledge and experience in practice areas such as community organizing, civic engagement, community revitalization, strengthening partnerships.

·        Demonstrated ability to work in an environment with independent decision making and flexible scheduling.

·        Successful community specialists are great networkers with an understanding of civic engagement.

·        Ability to multi-task and meet deadlines.

·     General familiarity with the Greater Jackson Area and state of Mississippi; Knowledge and expertise working with low income families.

·        Knowledge of eligibility for and applications procedures of federal and state entitlement programs.

·        Candidate must possess experience with working with diverse populations, case management and record keeping skills, as well as knowledge of local and state resources.

·     Excellent writing, editing, analytical, organizational, and oral communication skills. Ability to collect, review, synthesize, disseminate and present information and findings to broad and diverse audiences.


·     Self-directed with ability to translate concept into action and effectively communicate conceptual program framework to management, residents, and community partners. 

·     Excellent planning and project management and analytical skills.

·     Must demonstrate a high degree of initiative and be productive and results-oriented.

·     Demonstrate skills in facilitation, relationship building, and collaborative planning.

·     Show knowledge, sensitivity, flexibility, and poise to work with and support individuals/ organizations from diverse cultural, social, and ethnic background.

·     Strong team orientation and relationship building skills.

·     Knowledgeable of accurate and current trends and movements to develop or improve outcomes.

·     Ability to read financial statements and create and manage budgets.

·     Ability and willingness to travel.

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply

Cover letter, resume, salary range requirement, and references should be emailed to