After School Lead Teacher

Job Type

Part Time


Minimum: $16,000
Maximum: $20,000
Details: There are many opportunities to pick-up additional hours. Salary varies based on actual hours worked.




5 Callender Street
United States


Job Description: Lead Teacher, Cambridge Community Center After School Program

Hours: Part Time, 1:00PM – 6:00PM, Monday – Friday (plus additional hours as assigned by your supervisor)

Job Overview: Our Lead Teachers are motivated, reliable individuals who engage with our children on a personal level and who care deeply about our community. Lead Teachers build strong and positive relationships with children while keeping them safe. This position will plan and lead structured enrichment activities, supervise children, and act as role models for children. Lead Teachers build relationships with parents in order to best serve the youth.

Job Expectations: Lead Teachers will work effectively with youth, including planning activities for a smooth day, engaging with children and families and will attend weekly professional development meetings.   

Specific Duties:

  • Plan classroom activities
  • Plan activities for gym time
  • Include children's interests in the planning process
  • Work with other Lead Teachers to plan, share ideas, resources, etc.
  • Manage classroom space: post schedules, display children's work, organize games, gather materials, etc.
  • Work to keep children physically and emotionally safe
  • Encourage children to participate and do their best
  • Lead daily enrichment activities
  • Prepare agenda and make it visible every day to both students and parents
  • Attend parent meetings and family events
  • Attend monthly Communities of Practice meetings
  • Participate in weekly staff meetings
  • Attend CPR and first-aid trainings
  • At times, our Lead Teachers will be required to perform additional duties related to the program and the administration of the Center.


Two-weeks of Paid Time-Off (PTO) per year; Option to enroll in pre-taxed retirement plan

Level of Language Proficiency

Ideal candidate would be fluent in English, and either Haitian-Creole or Spanish.

Professional Level

Entry level

Minimum Education Required

High School

How To Apply

Please email your resume and cover letter to Rachel Kinch, Director of Out-of-School Time Programming, at Incomplete applications will not be considered.