Operations Assistant

Job Type

Full Time




Redwood City
United States


The Operations Assistant will support the Expeditions team to ensure strong and compliant operations for the Expeditions program.

The Expeditions Operations Assistant will lead on responsibilities related to compliance, logistics, and resource/project management. During the summer, responsibilities will focus on learning the team’s compliance needs, preparing to train teachers on logistics and compliance tasks, archiving/organizing the school year’s Independent Learning documents, and creating student-facing training materials.

During the fall, the Expeditions Operations Assistant will work to ensure a compliant launch, including management of student contracts and training students on compliance requirements. Other tasks throughout the year will focus on attendance compliance by managing student time cards and attendance, as well as providing support to teachers on field trips. The Expeditions Operations Assistant will begin the annual contracting process with students in the springtime for the following year.

This is a full-time role with flexible hours and location, with site-based work days as needed by compliance deadlines and student support needs; this occasionally includes timecard and attendance reporting deadlines to be completed over weekends. This is an excellent opportunity for an individual who has a passion for education, is enthusiastic about project management and operations, and has a keen eye for detail.

Who We Are:

What if all students graduated high school with not only content knowledge, but the habits and skills to successfully navigate college and career, with a sense of purpose to anchor them? This is the question at the core of Summit Public Schools. Summit is a public school system serving heterogeneous communities in the Bay Area and Washington State and operate 11 schools serving over 3,600 students.

Are you looking for the opportunity to lead change? Do you want to help reimagine what schools should be? We put students in the driver’s seat and empower them with the skills and habits they need to be successful in college and life. We need diverse, driven, and dynamic talent to join our growing team to help realize our educational vision.

Summit’s Expeditions Program:

The Summit approach to elective courses - in the form of Expeditions - is unique. Expeditions occurs at each school site four times throughout the year in two-week intervals. Students take a morning and afternoon course every day for two and a half hours each for a daily, immersive experience in the area of study that they would like to explore or already have a passion for. They continue this exploration for each two-week Expeditions interval in a school year.

The Expeditions faculty is the team of teachers who rotate through four school sites for the year, leading two sets of students at each school through this immersive experience for two weeks, and returning to that group four times each year.


Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement