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Global Youth Connect (“GYC”) seeks an entrepreneurial, resourceful Executive Director to lead the visionand strategy of the organization. The role includes developing human rights education programs abroad, fundraising, marketing, and managing all operational aspects of GYC.

Compensation and benefits will be decided by the executive committee of the board in accordance with experience and organizational resources.

As the sole employee of the organization, the role is flexible and dynamic. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

Program Development

● Manage GYC’s Local Program Directors and support their programs abroad:

o Identify, screen, and hire Program Directors for each GYC Program

o Guide and advise Program Directors through logistical and operational planning

o Alongside the Program Director, you will be jointly responsible across programs for:

  • ▪ Developing educational program activities, and updating curriculum;
  • ▪ Assist with delegate recruitment efforts through omni-channel marketing
  • initiatives
  • ▪ Reviewing applications and selecting delegates
  • ▪ Identify/engage partner organizations;
  • ▪ Updating the program budgets;
  • ▪ Crafting discussion questions for group meetings
  • ▪ Administrative support (i.e. visas and paperwork support)
  • ▪ Finalize delegation descriptions and marketing material
  • ● Manage post-delegation reporting and follow-ups
  • ● Chair the program development committee on the Board of Directors Fundraising

● Alongside the Board Fundraising committee:

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o Create annual fundraising plan

o Identifyandmanagepotentialfoundationpartnerships;writinggrantproposalso Planandexecutefundraisingevents


● In collaboration with the Treasurer:

o Create organizational budget and aggregate program budgets

o Deliver on annual tax reporting

  • ● Interview and manage interns as needed
  • ● Oversee the management of the GYC Website (on Wix), and social media accounts
  • ● Participate in quarterly Board Meetings and activities of the committees of the board, as ex- officio board member
  • ● Respond to inquiries about GYC programs and work by email and phone.
  • ● Manage connections/negotiations with vendors, consultants, and local partners
  • About GYC:
  • Founded in 1999 by young leaders from both the USA and post-genocide countries like Guatemala and Bosnia-Herzegovina, Global Youth Connect advances human rights by empowering young activists from around the globe to meet face-to-face, exchange ideas and take action together in collaboration with grassroots NGOs, policy makers, and other stakeholders.
  • GYC’s programs provide young leaders (ages 14-35) from a wide range of ethnic, national, economic and religious backgrounds with opportunities to learn more about human rights and enhance their ability to take action on pressing human rights issues.
  • Our mission is to advance human rights through cross-cultural programs for emerging leaders, focusing on post-genocide and post-violence countries.
  • Please send your CV and Cover Letter to hiring@globalyouthconnect.org by September 30, 2018.Learn more at: https://www.globalyouthconnect.org/

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply


  1. Please send your CV and Cover Letter to hiring@globalyouthconnect.org by September 30, 2018.Learn more at: https://www.globalyouthconnect.org/