Job Type

Part Time




United States


Job Location: Newburyport, MA


HopeWell Inc. is looking for a certified Lifeguard with prior pool experience. This position will supervise teens, toddlers, and babies in their private backyard pool and is responsible for ensuring safety of all guests and enforcing pool rules. The lifeguard will have the ability to set limits and maintain safety at all times. 

Key Responsibilities

  • Monitor pool-related activities closely throughout shift and identify any safety issues.
  • Direct swimmers out of the pool in hazardous conditions.
  • Monitor weather reports closely to ensure safety of guests.
  • Prevent emergencies by scanning the pool in a continuous and consistent manner.
  • Recognize emergencies or potential incidents and address them immediately, including notifying staff on site.
  • Perform assists or rescues as needed.
  • Provide care such as, CPR, First Aid, and Emergency Oxygen as needed.
  • Enforce pool rules.
  • Handle issues as they arise in a professional manner.
  • Ensure a clean and safe pool environment at all times.
  • When off the stand, assist with cleaning and testing of the pool.
  • Maintain a clear and consistent line of communication with staff on site.
  • Make sure all doors are securely locked when a lifeguard is not on duty. Never leave the pool unattended.


  • Current and valid lifeguard certification
  • First Aid and CPR certifications
  • Reliable transportation
  • Flexible schedule 

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement