Elementary School Principal

Job Type

Full Time




908 Wahler Place, SE
United States


Who We Are

Achievement Prep is an award-winning college-preparatory public charter school network committed to historically underserved communities of Southeast Washington, DC. Our flagship middle school, which opened in 2008, serves approximately 500 scholars in 4th – 8th grade. Opening in 2013, our elementary school, serves approximately 350 scholars in K – 3rd grade. It also includes an early childhood partnership with AppleTree Institute, which serves approximately 160 preK3 and preK4 scholars. Our mission is to prepare students to excel as high-achieving scholars and leaders in high school, college and beyond.


What You Will Do

To realize our mission, each school of Achievement Prep is led by a Principal who is ultimately responsible for all aspects of the campus including academics, culture, scholar supports and operations. S/he must create a safe, joyful school culture; push the rigor of teaching and learning; and provide the tools and supports staff and scholars need to grow and develop. To do this, the Principal must have skills needed to adeptly influence, enable, and empower staff; establish and maintain a culture centered on Achievement Prep core values; and oversee the systems and human capital of an entire school. The Principal directs and develops the talents of all team members and maintains open communication with all stakeholders – scholars, families, staff, trustees, business partners and community members. S/he works closely with campus-based and network leadership to provide consistent, effective campus leadership. 


Reporting to the Chief of Schools and directly supporting and supervising a 4-member Campus-Based Leadership team:


School Leadership

●     Lead all aspects of a K – 3rd grade school daily, ensuring scholar achievement – both academically and socially

●     Serve as strategic visionary and decision-maker for academics, culture, scholar supports and operations

●     Foster a culture of excellence through personal leadership consistent with organizational mission, vision, ethos and core values of Determination, Respect, Enthusiasm, Accountability, and Mastery

●     Provide leadership to all staff and scholars in establishing a positive, structured, and high achievement-oriented school culture

●     Engender commitment among staff to the development and fulfillment of the school’s mission and vision

●     Refine and communicate the school’s systems, culture, and vision; and create a plan to achieve that vision

●     Set data-driven school-wide goals and monitor progress of the same

●     Oversee the efforts of the Assistant Principal of Instruction (API), Assistant Principal of Culture (APC), and Deans of Teacher Effectiveness (DTEs) to support teachers developing competence in the curricula through modeling, observing, providing feedback and supporting instructional leader and teacher reflection and implementation 

●     Be highly present and visible before, during, and after the school day

●     Proactively circulate throughout classrooms and public spaces during the day to gain valuable context on scholar achievement and behavior and relentlessly ensuring a positive school environment 

●     Collaborate with other members of the school’s leadership team to create and sustain programs for scholars and families that recognize and celebrate achievement and continuous growth 


Talent Development & Management

●     Ensure that staff set extremely high expectations for themselves and scholars in accordance with the Achievement Prep Way

●     Oversee and ensure the continuous development of all school staff

●     Lead talent management at the school: selection, development, evaluation, supervision, retention, promotion, dismissal

●     Receive continuous feedback from peers and leaders on your practice and be expected to give the same


Campus-Based Team Leadership

●     Galvanize the campus-based leadership team to achieve its goals and outcomes

●     Coach and professionally develop the entire campus-based leadership team (CBLT): Assistant Principal of Instruction, Assistant Principal of Culture, Scholar Support (special education) Coordinator (SSC), Operations Coordinator (OC)

●     Work directly with the API to foster consistency among staff in adhering to the procedures, policies, and processes of the Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment handbook

●     Work directly with the APC to foster consistency among staff in adhering to the procedures, policies, and processes of the Classroom Management & Discipline handbook

●     Work directly with the SSC to ensure 504 accommodations, IEP modifications, and counseling needs are met

●     Work directly with the OC to ensure operational systems and processes are tight, proactive, responsive, and robust



External Stakeholders

●     Liaise with all external stakeholders, including parents and community

●     Serve as the primary face of the school

●     Engage families in the life of the school

●     Be the main point of contact for parent concerns and communication

●     Work with and through the CBLT to foster consistency among families to adhere to the policies of the Scholar & Family Handbook

●     Attend Board meetings, as needed

●     Attend and support events during the school day and in the evenings that invite families into the building


Administrative Leadership

●     Manage campus resources and operations to improve scholar learning

●     Engage in regular planning for the school: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually

●     Work with API to oversee and ensure fidelity of daily and master schedule

●     Work with the APC to oversee all disciplinary decisions

●     Collaborate with the Chief of Schools and other leaders to develop the school calendar

●     Manage time, tasks, deadlines and responsibilities in a fast-paced environment; support and hold others accountable for the same


Be willing to take on additional responsibilities as necessary to fulfill Achievement Prep’s mission for our scholars 


You Must Have

●     Bachelor’s degree

●     3+ years of experience as a teacher of record in an urban elementary school setting

●     2+ years of school leadership in an urban elementary school setting: principal, head of school, assistant principal or the equivalent

●     Proven track record of success with student outcomes, staff management, and professional development

●     Ability to regularly be one of the first to arrive and last to leave the building daily (staff hours: 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM)


It Would Be Nice for You to Have

●     A Master’s degree in education, educational leadership, or organizational leadership


Who You Are

You know and understand the power of education and have seen, first hand, that power manifested either in your life or in the lives of others. You are committed to serving historically underserved communities knowing that your work is part of a larger ecosystem committed to change. You believe in a quality public education for all and are determined to serve every child that comes your way. You are unapologetically mission driven and will do whatever it takes to advance the work and ensure scholar achievement. You are excited about not just the work, but doing the work at Achievement Prep. You are familiar with our community and are not afraid of or by all the beauty and challenges that come with living in impoverished communities. You value and respect everyone and demonstrate that respect in words and actions.


You know while there are no excuses in this work, the scholars we serve require a leader who will differentiate for all yet keep excellence the bar that is maintained at all times. You know you are the face of the building and all begins and ends with the leadership you display and the direction you set. You are open to feedback, eager to grow, and bring your best to everything you do.  You know the work isn’t easy and don’t expect for it to be. The grind of our mission ignites you. You are not only capable of performing but thrive in circumstances involving ambiguity and nuance. You look for or create the joy in your day-to-day and want to work with others who do, too. 


What We Value

●     100% Scholars: You prioritize what’s best for scholars in the decisions you make.

●     Results Without Excuses: You set, track and achieve ambitious goals for yourself and your team; you own the mistakes.

●     Sweat the Small Stuff: You pay attention to the smallest details to ensure smooth, predictable, and effective outcomes.

●     Community Matters – Mightily: You show care and respect for others – even when the work is taxing.

●     Unapologetically Mission-Driven: You have a “whatever it takes” mentality in achieving the mission.

●     Many Minds, One Mission: You value and partner with parents and the community for the good of scholars.





What You Get

●     Development

o  Ongoing coaching and development from manager (formally: weekly; informally: daily)

o  Regular real-time deep dives and debriefs of Achievement Prep schools with Network Leadership and other principal(s)

o  External partnerships for exposure to best practices in school leadership within the city and nationwide

●     Compensation & Benefits:

o  Achievement Prep offers highly competitive compensation and benefits

o  Medical, vision, dental benefits

o  Flexible spending accounts for transit, dependent care, and medical expenses

o  401k with automatic immediate employer matching up to 4%

o  Invigoration Days (early release) 7 times per year

o  Generous vacation package

●     It Pays to Stay

o  Upon completion of 2 full school years of service, employees become eligible for annual loyalty incentives

o  Bonuses

o  Gifts and Achievement Prep swag

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement

How To Apply