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Classroom, Inc. Executive Assistant Role

National education technology nonprofit is seeking a full-time Executive Assistant to provide administrative and strategic support to the Executive Director in its New York City office.

What We Do

Classroom, Inc. helps middle school youth in high-poverty communities develop the career-readiness skills they need for their future lives and careers. We create digital learning games set in diverse professional worlds and empower students to take charge of their learning, imagine new possibilities for themselves, and gain the skills and confidence to achieve newfound ambitions.

Why We Do It

Middle school students from low-income communities face a host of systemic barriers, including poverty, racism, and inequitable education. Those barriers combine to severely limit life and career opportunities for young people.

When middle school youth are given the chance to connect the dots between school and their futures, immerse themselves in career exploration, and develop critical literacy and leadership skills, they are ready to bring their full potential to any opportunity they wish to pursue.  

Students participating in our program outpace their peers in literacy gains on standardized assessments; demonstrate growth in the 21st century skills that are critical to thrive in the modern workplace such as collaboration, critical thinking, and problem solving; and gain exposure to new career paths and opportunities.

One middle school educator, Kiwonda Riley, explained the impact for her students: “My students were asking questions about how businesses work, and what it takes to be a boss. On top of improving their reading comprehension, Read to Lead taught them the skills they need to be effective leaders. Students are challenged to make important decisions, preparing them for life outside of their classrooms.”

Executive Assistant Role

We are looking for an Executive Assistant to support Classroom, Inc.’s Executive Director. The Executive Assistant will support the Executive Director and coordinate with our committed, experienced staff. This is an exciting opportunity for an exceptional individual who has the energy and commitment to help fuel and support our growth. It calls for a dynamic, motivated, thoughtful ,and organized professional who can support the Executive Director in her day-to-day work. The position provides a unique opportunity to work closely with the Executive Director and senior staff and provide a high level of organizational and administrative support to her and Classroom, Inc.’s Board of Directors, as well as Classroom’s senior leadership team as needed.

What You’ll Do

  • Manage Executive Director’s calendar of appointments, including scheduling and identifying conflicts in advance
  • Proactively prepare the Executive Director for scheduled meetings with key stakeholders, including donors, Board Members, and partners by collecting all necessary meeting and appointment documentation
  • Serve as a liaison between the Executive Director and Classroom, Inc. staff to ensure smooth workflow and able to ask staff members for materials on behalf of the Executive Director
  • Assist the Executive Director in preparing for quarterly board meetings, including preparing and collating materials, taking minutes and other support as needed
  • Identify and arrange necessary travel and transportation, with a keen attention to detail
  • Handle incoming and outgoing phone calls and emails as needed on behalf of Executive Director and in her absence
  • Prepare and submit expense reports
  • Maintain archive on the Google Drive and digitize files
  • Have a detailed understanding of the full Microsoft Office suite, be an agile problem solver, and understand how to prioritize tasks

What You Bring

  • Effective calendar management skills and the ability to coordinate meetings
  • Ability to think proactively about the Executive Director’s time, and the ability to see issues before they arise
  • Undertake proactive follow-ups on critical to-dos in order to effectively meet Executive Director’s deadlines/commitments
  • Proven organizational skills
  • A problem solver; someone who can act on their feet and think quickly, effectively, and calmly
  • Strong communication skills, both written and verbal; a grasp of email etiquette is a must
  • Ability to manage own workload with little direction given
  • Team player with strong interpersonal skills
  • Experience using MS Outlook, Word, and PowerPoint, along with basic internet skills

We’re a small team committed to having a big impact on the futures of the students that we serve. Each and every one of us is fully committed to our mission, and we are looking for new team members who match our passion and are ready to dive in! If you're interested, send your resume and cover letter to

Classroom, Inc. Executive Assistant Role

National education technology nonprofit is seeking a full-time Executive Assistant to provide administrative and strategic support to the Executive Director in its New York City office.

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