Trustees Fellow - International Honors Program (US, Nepal, Jordan, Chile)

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Full Time



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United States


Trustees Fellow. International Honors Program (IHP)

IHP Human Rights


School for International Training (SIT) is an equal opportunity employer.


Reports to: Program Director

Location: Travels with program—Atlanta/Tennessee – Nepal – Jordan -Chile . Travels with Program

Type: Full-time 6-month contract


General Description:

The International Honors Program (IHP), a program of the School for International Training (SIT), offers international semester-long study abroad programs emphasizing comparative study of key global issues. IHP’s learning model is grounded in critical pedagogy, experiential learning, and cultural immersion.


We are currently seeking a Trustees Fellow to join an interdisciplinary team of faculty, and host country coordinators for IHP’s Human Rights program for the Spring 2019 semester. This four- month semester program will take approximately 30 students from leading U.S. colleges and universities from Atlanta/Tennessee, to Nepal, Jordan, and Chile from mid-January to mid-May 2019.


IHP Human Rights investigates the historical and social construct of human rights both conceptually and as a field of practice. The program takes a deliberately broad perspective examining the full spectrum of rights discourse, while placing emphasis on analysis of the root causes that incite human rights struggles in different locales. The program builds off a multi- disciplinary framework of inquiry that ranges from political economy, history, and geography, to post-colonial and feminist scholarship. Key questions the program poses include: How did human rights develop historically as an idea and field of practice? What are the historical dynamics of power that shape local forms of social hierarchy, oppression, and dehumanization at the root of human rights struggles? What are the opportunities and shortcomings of rights discourse and human rights legal practice? How are grassroots movements, civil society organizations, and activists using the concept of human rights as a platform for change and transformation?


More information on the IHP Human Rights program be found at:


Position Responsibilities:

 The Fellow role is designed to support the individual and collective well-being of the student group throughout the course of the semester. Towards that end, the Fellow acts variously as a group facilitator, communicator, mentor, educator, trip-leader, and risk manager. Fellows collaborate with faculty and coordinators throughout the program to guide students in   accessing resources and establishing the support systems they need to adjust to living, learning, and traveling abroad. This entails caring for students when they encounter difficulty, and

also challenging students to move through discomfort, try new things, and ask better questions that deepen the learning experience of the program as a whole. Fellows are an indispensable part of each IHP program, as they exist to help students take care of themselves and each other. Core responsibilities entail:

  • Supporting student physical, emotional well being
  • Social Justice facilitation
  • Guiding group dynamics and a healthy learning community
  • Student mentorship
  • Travel logistics coordination


For a more detailed description of the Trustees Fellow position and responsibilities on all IHP programs, and frequently asked questions (FAQ’s), visit: trustees-fellows-employment/


Required Qualifications:


  • Group facilitation on topics related to social justice and human rights
  • Experience working with university students in a leadership capacity
  • Risk management skills, basic knowledge of travel health and safety practices and an ability to respond effectively to difficult situations
  • Effective communication, active listening and facilitation skills for working with a diverse group of 30+ university-aged students in a physically and emotionally demanding cross-cultural setting
  • Ability to relate well and work collaboratively with a diverse team of co-workers
  • Experience living/working overseas or negotiating between cultures/norms
  • Cultural sensitivity, diplomacy and an ability to adapt to new and challenging environments
  • Demonstrated experience in leadership and community- or team-building
  • Excellent record-keeping and reporting skills with an ability to organize, plan, and execute a variety of administrative and logistical tasks
  • The confidence, experience and emotional maturity to assume a position of mentor and role model, willingness to put their students’ learning and development ahead of their own experience and the ability to maintain boundaries and confidentiality
  • Experience with crisis response
  • Preferential consideration will be given to alumni of SIT and IHP/Comparative programs, as well as alumni of the SIT Graduate Institute


Required Education:

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience 


Preferred Qualifications:

  • Academic training, experience and/or demonstrated interest in human rights, social justice, or social movement-building.
  • Background or training facilitating conversations around identity, power, and privilege
  • Mental health, medical experience and/or background
  • CPR/First Aid training/certification
  • Mental Health First Aid training/certification
  • Background or training facilitating conversations around identity, power, and privilege
  • Applicants with advanced degrees (in progress or completed) or other post-college experience are encouraged to apply
  • At least two years of post-graduate professional experience


To apply:  Please visit and click on the “Job Search” option under the “Employment” tab to submit a resume and cover letter. Apply under “Trustees Fellow, IHP Human Rights.’


Deadline: October 1st, 2018. Applications reviewed on a rolling basis.


Traveling with students for four months, and guiding their learning across multiple global cities and rural spaces presents unique challenges and demands particular qualities. Please consider this carefully in your letter of interest, paying special attention to how you would handle the intercultural, interpersonal, and pedagogical demands of a field-based, mobile, experiential education program such as IHP Human Rights. What in your background and work experience has prepared you to do this job in particular? Please also describe your experiences working on teams, your ability to build relationships with students and diverse colleagues, and your capacity to be flexible, adaptable, and culturally responsive.


Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

4-year degree