In-Country Director, Haiti

Job Type

Full Time


Details: Salary based on Haitian cost of living and room/ board expense. Salary will be negotiable depending on candidate's qualifications and experience



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Application Deadline



Sud-Est Department



The Devoted to Children Foundation (D2C), Haiti, is seeking and qualified individual to become the In-Country Director of the D2C organization.

The In-Country Director of D2C will be responsible for the management of the children’s home as well as all education and livelihood programs. They will report directly to the Managing Director and Executive Director of D2C. The D2C Director will also act as a liaison between the community of Cayes Jacmel and D2C, establishing partnerships, networking and overseeing all projects.

Room and board will be provided as well as paid vacation time.

Preferred Skills:

  • 3-5 years experience with nonprofit management and community-based organizations
  • Substantial experience working with children and/or studied early childhood education
  • Experience with accounting or financial management
  • +1 years living in developing countries
  • Proficiency in English, French and/or Creole. Fluency is desired.
  • Excellent communication and conflict/resolution skills
  • Knowledge of and ability to manage social media platforms

A commitment of at least one year is required.

Duties/ Responsibilities:

Overall Management of Family Home, Children and Staff:

  • Supervise the care for the children; ensure that they are being cared for well and are consistently engaged in academic and recreational activities in line with D2C values.
  • Ensure D2C compliance in function of the home and in necessary paperwork. Managing human resources for Home and Staff in conformity with applicable labor laws and internal regulations. Know and review the statutes and regulations for the Department de Social. Review the Haitian Code du Travaille and ensure D2C is meeting legal.
  • Maintain accurate employee files, set clear employment standards and conduct at minimum one annual review for each staff member.
  • Review systems for areas of improvement for staff and Home activities. Conduct and organize additional training for staff when necessary.
  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date files on children, including medical logs. Meet regularly with the social worker to ensure the social/emotional needs of the children are being met. Attend parent meetings at the children’s school and ensure homework/lessons are completed each day. Asses their academic achievements and help determine if intervention is needed to support their progress and overall education.
  • Keep Family Home in excellent condition, ensure regular cleaning. Keep D2C Directors in-formed of any concerns. Oversee necessary home repairs and improvements after conducting thorough vendor research and financial analysis.
  • Oversee Home security. Maintain consistent rules about visitors and
  • Ensure timely distribution of money for salaries, food and other monthly expenses.
  • Complete and submit a thorough and well-organized monthly expense tracking. Record all expenses, providing notes on any unplanned or excessive costs. Request and/or report additional financial needs in advance of purchase when possible.

Management of D2C Community Programs and Projects

  • Help define, develop and implement community-based projects, including: the After-School Tutoring, Summer Camp, Yoga Initiative, SUP Livelihood, Seva Volunteer Trips, and the New School. Assist in identifying community, cultural or financial barriers to programs and report them to D2C.
  • Hire and manage Haitian staff for programs. Ensure staff carries out their work to the right standard. Report any concerns or issues with program participants and staff.
  • Monitor programmatic output and benchmarks for reporting and to help ensure achievement in the program’s objectives. When necessary, develop and conduct community-based assessments to determine program reception and possible areas of improvement.
  • Research and develop strategy for improvement of existing programs as well as for new programs

Financial Management and Donor Development:

  • Help D2C staff develop an accurate and detailed operating budget for Family Home and each D2C Community Program. Ensure monthly expenses are within budget. Keep all necessary receipts.
  • As previously mentioned, maintain organized and clear expense tracking, and submit at the end of each month.
  • Assist in prospect research, identifying possible grants or individual donors for D2C. Help D2C staff develop detailed and engaging narratives for grant proposals and any future grant reporting needs.
  • Keep track of quantitative and qualitative achievements for donor reporting and/or D2C Annual Report.

Community and Organization Liaison:

  • Develop a standard reporting outline and send weekly updates to D2C Executive Director. When necessary, conduct weekly phone calls to D2C Executive Director
  • Act as a community liaison on behalf of D2C by maintaining contact with community members, conducting interviews and assessments, and work to strengthen the relations between D2C and the community
  • Meet with family members as they visit the children and provide them with updates on children’s well-being and growth. Help address any concerns.
  • Organize and execute Family Day twice a year – once in Spring and once in Fall
  •  Assist in the coordination and logistics of future delegations/ Seva Volunteer trips that D2C will organize.

Communication and Advocacy Outreach:

  • Responsible for keeping D2C website and social media outlets dynamic and up-to-date. This includes: Taking photos and posting updates and fresh/engaging content for D2C social media as well as submitting bi-monthly blog posts about the children, D2C programs and life in Haiti.
  • Help identify other outlets for communications and advocacy outreach.
  • Maintain and secure computer files (photos, children’s documents, staff documents, D2C house documents, IBESR)
  • Assist with Child Sponsorship information and updates – take photos, gather letters or artwork to send to sponsors, and write about the positive achievements in each child’s life.


Private Room & Board provided and paid vacation time. Position is an Independent Contractor.

Level of Language Proficiency

Fluency in English,

Fluency in Creole and/or French

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply

Please send a resume, cover letter and 3 professional references to the email listed.