Early Elementary Teacher

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Full Time


Details: Salary scale set by Baltimore City Public Schools




2810 Shirley Avenue
United States


Public education CAN look different! Creative City Public Charter School seeks an energetic, passionate early elementary educator for the coming school year (2018-19) who is ready to focus on the unique needs and passions of each student in an innovative, arts-rich, hands-on instructional environment.

We are seeking a new early elementary educator to join our team. We practice "two year looping", which means that a Kindergarten teacher will generally follow their students to First Grade, and a Second Grade teacher will follow their students to Third Grade. Looping allows the bonds of the classroom community to continue for two full years, and for student-teacher relationships to flourish.

Important elements of our school are arts integration, project-based and place-based learning, and use of Responsive Classroom. Our classes are small (average 22 students) to ensure that we can build strong relationships, prioritize deeply individualized instruction and employ strategic use of small groups in the classroom.

We prioritize a team environment that values all voices, and we use a collaborative approach. As a Community School we are deeply connected the the community around us, while also enrolling students from city wide through a lottery system. Professional development is prioritized, with a school-based customized pre-service PD each August and embedded team planning and PD time every Wednesday afternoon when students dismiss early. Staff leadership opportunities are ample and we love finding ways to amplify and develop staff member's natural strengths and interests.

All teachers must meet all employment requirements of Baltimore City Public Schools including valid Maryland teaching certification.


employees are entitled to Baltimore City Schools benefits

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply


Email a cover letter, resume, and three references to hiring@creativecityschool.org.