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The Director of Online Learning will be responsible for leading a cross-functional team to design and produce innovative online professional learning offerings for educators including: facilitated, non-facilitated, and hybrid courses and workshops (delivered via LMS); model lesson videos; interactive webinars; as well as quick-start guides and other downloadable companion instructional materials. This position will act as lead instructional designer in the conceptualization of online professional learning, as well as the head of product development for online learning products.

The position will collaborate with multiple ADL Education program directors as well as recruit and manage a team of internal and external instructional and graphic/media designers to craft user-centered instruction based on the best practices of K16 and adult learning. This candidate’s team will be responsible for creating all the different online products in ADL Education’s professional learning portfolio as well as innovating new methods of supporting ADL’s educator audience.

The successful candidate will be an expert in instructional design and production and will also have experience creating professional learning (including developing authentic classroom videos) for educators and students. This candidate will understand the professional learning needs of K-12 teachers, will be familiar with the most effective approaches to teaching K-12 students, and will be able to develop professional learning that helps educators improve their practice.

The successful candidate will have experience leading and mentoring a cross-functional eLearning team (content writers, graphic/web designers, course facilitators), and implementing planning and execution processes that enable the efficient output of innovative high quality online learning products. Experience with social­–emotional learning and alignment to stat standards is highly desirable.

The successful candidate will have experience developing large-scale learning systems with role-differentiated learning pathways that can be mapped modularly inside a learning management system, and be familiar with the relative strengths and weaknesses of various LMS.



  1. Lead the conceptualization and development of innovative learning products that enhance ADL Education’s program offerings.
  2. Act as lead instructional designer for online learning team.
  3. Oversee the writing of outcomes-based courses and workshops that align with the Learning Forward Standards for professional learning.
  4. Supervise and lead the online learning team in the development of online professional learning products: courses, workshops, webinars, videos, etc. Oversee media production and course creation in the learning management system.
  5. Recruit and manage outside freelancers and vendors to supplement team as needed.
  6. Work with CSC educator subject matter experts to ensure fidelity to program quality, latest research and terminology in their respective specialties.
  7. Work with the Director of Analytics, Research and Evaluation to implement data-driven improvement loops for engagement and outcomes.
  8. Partner with in-house (or freelance) video producer to plan, shoot, and produce authentic classroom videos that demonstrate ADL Education’s scope and sequence.
  9. Oversee the development and management of project plans, taking responsibility for project scheduling, budgeting, resource allocation, and communication to ensure the delivery of solutions within scope, timeline, and budget parameters.
  10. Stay current on latest issues, technology and methods of online learning through research, networking, and attending/or presenting at conferences.
  11. Work with the Director of Marketing to market online learning products and drive customer acquisition to meet ADL’s goals for educator growth.


  1. Help to promote and reinforce a departmental culture of reflection, learning and evidence-based decision making.
  2. Conduct literature reviews and provide relevant resources and information to colleagues.
  3. Contribute information and data for funding reports, conference presentations and related publications.
  4. Develop and lead select professional development opportunities for regional and national staff.



  • A minimum of 5 years’ experience conceptualizing and developing online learning for educators.
  • Ability to develop, manage and operate hybrid/online programs in education or develop content for use in education at scale.
  • Expertise in the selection and implementation of learning management systems and emergent companion platforms.
  • Expert understanding of best practices in hybrid/online education, including organizational models, delivery formats, technology tools, instructional design, staffing, processes and workflow.
  • Demonstrated leadership and communication skill in working collaboratively with partners across an organization.
  • Excellent writing and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to meet deadlines and communicate challenges.


Work Experience

  • A minimum of 5 years leading an eLearning development and production team, including staff supervision and the management of instructional design.
  • Demonstrated experience implementing new learning models and bringing innovative ideas to fruition.
  • Experience managing budgets for multiple large-scale content design, development and production projects.
  • Experience using formative and summative assessment for professional learning.
  • Experience producing multimedia eLearning content including presentations, videos, screencasts, etc.



  • BA/BS degree required. Advanced degree in instructional design preferred.



  • A minimum of 7 years’ experience creating professional development in the K-12 marketplace.
  • 3+ years classroom teaching at the K-12 level.
  • Experience in working with video production and editing.
  • Experience designing for mobile–first.
  • A practical knowledge of information architecture, content strategy, and user interface.



Flexibility to work evenings when necessary to complete time-critical projects. Occasional travel to ADL regions.

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply

Please submit your resume and cover letter by following the link above