Arts Administrator-Educator Program Director

Job Type

Part Time




Minimum: $22,880.00
Maximum: $28,600.00
Details: Part-time; 20-25 hours weekly (flexible); beginning salary $22/hour; evenings and weekends required




939 East Avenue
United States


Courson Arts Colony East

939 East Ave, Palmdale, CA, 93550


Arts Administrator-Educator Program Director: Family Arts Colony/Gallery Model - 60 Units

Part time position; 20- 25 hours weekly (flexible); beginning salary $22/hour; evenings and weekends as required.

Job Description

The EngAGE Program Director works closely with the resident-artists and families that reside at the Courson Arts Colony, as well as the EngAGE Chief Operating Officer, property developers, property management, and the greater Palmdale community, to develop and oversee arts programs that will promote and support the residents’ professional practice in all art forms: film, sculpture, dance, painting, multi-media, poetry and performance art. The EngAGE Program Director is also responsible for organizing and managing additional site activities including, but not limited to, after-school programs, life skills and social events.


Creative and experienced arts administrator and educator with the ability to collaborate with professional artists and organizations on gallery exhibits/performances, events and social connections, preferably having extensive contacts within the local arts community.

Background in fine arts or related arts disciplines, with experience in program management/administration and event planning, as well as hands-on experience with exhibit installations, and arts studio equipment and usage protocols in both visual and performing arts.

Arts Administration/Management

·        Serves as gallery director, developing mission and guidelines.

·        Creates policy and procedures for installations, insurance, sales, volunteers, and hours.

·        Plans annual exhibit and performance schedules, creating calls for submission, arts selection and


·        Plans and installs 3-5 exhibits annually for professional and emerging resident-artists as well as other

local artists and cultural organizations to exhibit their work.

·        Creates monthly reports on all programming.

·        Works within program budget.

·        Establishes gallery guidelines, maintains tools and equipment, and oversees and directs art


·        Establishes gallery hours with resident volunteers, and supervises gallery volunteers.

·        Plans and hosts gallery exhibit opening receptions every 2 – 3 months.

·        Responsible for audience development and creating a loyal group of patrons for arts colony events.

·        Encourages other arts colonies/communities to integrate with Palmdale community artists.

Community Partnerships

·        Introduces EngAGE to the community and informs them about EngAGE’s goals and objectives.

·        Connects with the community-at-large through public shows and exhibits.

·        Develops partnerships with community organizations.

·        Creates networking opportunities for the residents and the greater community.

·        Assesses the needs of artists and connects them to community resources.

Program Management

·        Creates contracts with independent contractors and consultants, delivering creative classes and

professional development opportunities for residents.

·        Develops, coordinates and maintains an after-school program with partner organizations for school-

age residents.

·        Develops and implements life skill classes and programs for residents, including but not limited to,

technology, health and wellness.

·        Contracts and supervises teachers and volunteers who deliver programs.

·        Supports numerous monthly social events for residents to build community goodwill (e.g., potlucks,

movie nights, meet & greets, etc.)

·        Supports public events and gallery openings.

Facilitation & Strategic Planning

·        Creates resident database.

·        Facilitates on-site monthly resident meetings, focus groups, and surveys.

·        Collaborates with residents to define and establish governance models for the building.

·        Collaborates with residents on models of engagement with arts partners, community and civic entities.

·        Provides support and guidance for resident-driven special interest groups as they plan and develop programs.

Marketing and Communications

·        Manages marketing, press releases, media coverage, announcements and promotions for Palmdale


·        Creates social media accounts for MailChimp and a resident newsletter.

·        Documents and photographs all program activities for use in multiple communications.

·        Builds and maintains multiple mailing lists, including internal and external communications with

residents, community arts partners and the general public to build audience and promote events.

·        Creates and generates content for multiple social media accounts including the EngAGE blog.


·        Plans and promotes gallery opening receptions and other arts events including lectures, film

screenings, musical performances, etc.

·        Plans and coordinates social events and mixers with residents and community partners.

·        Plans and coordinates culminating events for all on-site classes or programs, including food and drink,

set-up and clean-up.

General Office, Finance and Compliance

·        Writes monthly program reports, including photos, documenting attendance, community collaborations and volunteers.

·        Monitors program budget, and reconciles expenditures.

·        Works closely with property management and complies with Fair Housing laws.

·        Establishes EngAGE office hours.

·        Creates and distributes monthly calendars and fliers for events and shows (electronic and hard-copy distribution), and develops notices for building bulletin boards.

·        Attends EngAGE team meetings and other events.

Level of Language Proficiency

English required. Other local languages spoken a plus.

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply