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Third Sector is a young and innovative nonprofit consultancy redefining how government funds effective social services. We help clients connect funding with data on social outcomes in order to solve pressing challenges such as economic mobility for all and the well-being of children. Since 2011, we have helped over 40 communities in the United States implement increasingly effective social programs and transition hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to programs that measurably improve lives. We collaborate with our clients and stakeholders to define impact, draw actionable insights from data, and drive resources towards outcomes-oriented government. Our team of almost 50 people is based in San Francisco and Boston.

We are a fun, humble, and passionate team committed to improving the lives of vulnerable people through systems change. Our core values are Respect, Rigor, Resourcefulness, Results, and Reflection. These values form the foundation of our firm culture and talent and diversity philosophy. Third Sector’s leadership is deeply committed to building a culture that delivers professional growth through challenging work, honest and direct 360-degree feedback, and a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment. We believe in catalyzing and sustaining innovation and positive outcomes in all aspects of our work, including in our approach to talent and diversity.


We are looking for a human resources and operations generalist with a wide range of skills to support critical tasks executed upon by our internal teams. You will help facilitate the recruitment and hiring process, assist with HR functions including employee onboarding/offboarding and benefits administration, support the professional development of current Third Sector staff through talent and performance management duties, and facilitate various operations functions including timely expense reimbursement. You will collaborate closely with the Managers and Directors who oversee talent, diversity, and operations functions in the firm.

The Human Resources & Operations Coordinator position is an exciting opportunity for a mission-driven, action-oriented individual who is looking to gain experience by executing on a wide range of internal business functions and projects that will help sustain Third Sector’s continued growth.


Recruitment: Support the logistics of the recruitment process to attract and hire diverse, mission-oriented talent. You will:

  • Post opportunities to external job boards and track submitted applications and interview materials
  • Schedule interviews and reference calls; communicate interview details to candidates; provide Third Sector interviewers with relevant materials
  • Manage communication with candidates; respond to candidate inquiries

Onboarding and Offboarding: Facilitate a seamless transition for new team members, from the interview process to full integration into the firm, and for staff exiting the firm. You will:

  • Maintain compliant employee files; collect and file copies of required employee paperwork; conduct and document federal background checks
  • Schedule onboarding training sessions; deliver training on firm systems and tools; coordinate with other talent or client team members to create additional onboarding plans as applicable
  • Create new accounts across Third Sector’s internal systems such as our email/file storage and timekeeping systems; coordinate with other teams (e.g., finance and client teams) to ensure new hires are integrated into all systems and have the information and tools needed for their work
  • Securely remove employees from all internal tech systems upon staff exit
  • Schedule exit interviews and administer exit surveys for departing staff
  • Execute employee benefit enrollment, changes, and termination through relevant vendors

Talent and Performance Management: Support team member performance by helping to maintain a talent and performance management system focused on real-time, 360-degree feedback and experiential growth. You will:

  • Support the annual performance review process, including preparing materials and scheduling trainings and review sessions for staff
  • Manage our 360-degree team member feedback platform; maintain feedback forms; set deadlines and send reminders to staff, and periodically analyze feedback response rates
  • Help prepare Career Managers for new mentee assignments

Project Staffing: Execute efficient data gathering and processing and support analysis of staffing demand and supply. You will:

  • Collect and summarize data from various sources involved in client projects and revenue activities on a monthly basis
  • Assist the Staffing Lead (currently the Managing Director overseeing talent functions) with analyzing the data for the monthly staffing meeting with the executive team

Firm-Wide Operations: Support efficient internal operations. You will:

  • Review and approve employee expense reports in a timely fashion, ensuring compliance with Third Sector’s expense policy and federal regulations; train employees on reimbursement systems and requirements
  • Administer tech systems such as Google Suite, Zoom, and Salesforce; ensure timely renewal and billing for tech subscriptions
  • Support office administration functions in Boston and San Francisco; ensure all employees have access to information and resources required to work from both offices
  • Coordinate travel arrangements and process expense reports on behalf of executive team members
  • Other duties as assigned by the Director of Operations and other management team members


1-2 years of professional experience in a role that includes:

  • Working across and reporting to various teams simultaneously
  • Executing on administrative support, human resources, and/or operations work  
  • Ensuring compliance with policies such as expense and travel policies
  • Coordinating and sequencing meetings and events
  • Associate or Bachelor’s degree required

A plus if you:

  • Have worked in a human resources and/or operations role at another mission-oriented nonprofit or consulting organization

Key Skills:

  • Exceptional attention to detail and high level of organizationational ability
  • Proactive problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • Ability to appropriately handle sensitive and/or confidential information

Professional Level

Entry level

Minimum Education Required


How To Apply


Third Sector’s hiring process is rigorous and may be different from hiring practices you have encountered before. We practice “blind recruitment” as part of our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. In practice, this means:

  • We will only ask for your résumé during the referencing phase at the end of the hiring process
  • We will not ask for a cover letter
  • We will only ask for relevant, de-identified work experience during the application process

Our hiring process includes these steps:

  1. A written application for initial screening
  2. Timed case exercises
  3. In-person interview at our Boston office (or videoconference-based interview)
  4. Reference checks (when your résumé is submitted for the first time)
  5. Final interview with a Managing Director
  6. Offer issued

We are committed to transparency throughout this process. We understand interviewing can be stressful and aim to minimize that stress and uncertainty. To give you a sense of timing, steps two through five above are anticipated to take about six weeks.


We do not accept cover letters nor do we accept résumés until Step 4 of our hiring process (see above). Any attempts to submit those documents through alternative channels will disqualify you as a candidate. Instead, we request that you answer the following application questions using the Google form linked here: Your personal information will be anonymized prior to review to ensure the integrity of our blind recruitment policy. Please note and respect the stated word limits for each question.

  1. What draws you to this position at Third Sector? What drives your passion for operations and human resources management? (400 words max)
  2. Please name three benefits and three challenges associated with résumé-blind recruiting. (300 words max)
  3. Describe two-three approaches for successfully managing work when reporting to and working with multiple supervisors and teams. (200 words max)
  4. Please list all relevant accomplishments and skills that you have gained from your educational and work experiences. We find candidates prefer to simply copy relevant content from their résumé and “de-identify” it; please remove all names of and references to past and current employers, schools, clients, and any other identifying information that in your judgement would compromise our blind recruitment policy. (500 words max)
  5. How did you hear about this opportunity? (no word limit)

Applications will be accepted until Friday, June 1st at 5 PM Pacific time. If you have any questions, please direct them to