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Full Time




United States


Primary Function: Support content teachers with the implementation of effective instructional

strategies and improved instructional materials to insure quality, fidelity and consistency of

IB instruction in order to improve student achievement through assisting the Principal in the

development, communication, and facilitation of Collaboration Meetings and instructional

support activities outside of the regular classroom instruction.

1) 2. Responsible to: School Principal

2) Assigned Responsibilities:

3) 3.01 Develop supportive interpersonal relationships with teachers and educational support


a) Implement a facilitative collaboration environment for teachers in the school classrooms.

b) Consult with teacher on matters relating to the School wide gardening program, for

supporting the infusing of healthy living instructional strategies, instructional

i) delivery methodologies and analysis of results

c) Conduct classroom or teacher demonstrations and or modeling IB instructional strategies

and teaching materials for use in the classroom

d) Support teachers in finding ways to further differentiate the curriculum to meet

the broad range of student needs while implementing IB standards

e) Review data on student performance and provide meditative and constructive feedback to

enhance and improve feedback

f) Be familiar with and find ways to support the school improvement plan

g) Support school administrators in the use of school data to identify instructional strategies

that will foster improvement in student achievement.

h) Assist the administrator in facilitating a building leadership team to support professional


i) Continue to be a learner willing to grow professionally in their instructional practice

j) Maintain confidentiality and professionalism in the teacher/coach relationship when

working with administrators and others in the profession

4) 4. Minimum Qualifications:

a) Certification/Licensure

(1) Masters degree in Education or in the related content areas

b) Training in the IB Program

c) Five years successful teaching experience demonstrated to be a strong to exceptional


d) Strong interpersonal skills

e) Understanding of data analysis framework for instructional planning

f) Demonstrated ability to:

i) Successfully collaborate with and motivate peers.

ii) Implement the IB Learner Profiles and communicate them to teachers through

modeling, in writing and through verbal communication

iii) Communicate clearly with students, teachers, administrators, parents and the


iv) Team player

v) Appropriate authorization level for coaching assignment

vi) Ability to interpret, synthesize data on student performance and develop

vii) Prescriptive teaching strategies

viii) Strong organizational skills

ix) Maintains commitments to others

x) Skills in assessment for learning

xi) Strong written and oral communication skills


Full Benefits Package that includes health, life insurance, retirement.

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

Master's degree

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Please email cover letter and resume including salary history/requirements with subject line:"Instructional Coach" to