Learning Club Site Director

Job Type

Part Time




Kansas City
United States


Site Director Job Description

The Learning Club seeks a Site Director who is passionate about serving high-risk children, skilled with managing a large group of children and volunteers, a great communicator, and creative in finding ways to better assist children with academic, social, and behavioral challenges. The Site Director must be detail oriented, proactive, and dedicated to creating a positive, pivotal educational experience for our students. 


Specific duties include:

Student Management:

  • Managing students at each site in a professional and kind way that sets clear expectations for good behavior and focused study. 
  • Working to maintain a full enrollment of students for the site and recruiting new students as needed, by working with the local school, the Housing Authority, or other means.
  • Learning students’ names in a timely fashion.
  • Building relationships with parents via phone, text, notes, and in person.
  • With other staff, helping to implement a summer program that is somewhat more involved for the students at the site.    
  • Reporting any issues of concern with students, volunteers, or community partners to the Executive Director and/or Director of Site Operations in a timely manner.
  • Keeping accurate attendance records and securing current registration information for each student. 
  • Reviewing all student folders and records following each session.
  • Serving one hour per week in the KCK public elementary school that is connected to your site. (optional)
  • Any other tasks to ensure a professional program that helps students develop a love for learning and helps them grow in social, emotional, and academic skills.

Volunteer Management:

  • Working to maintain a sufficient number of volunteer tutors at each site to allow for one-on-one tutoring. Recruiting new volunteers as needed. 
  • With the help of other staff, working to improve and further develop our volunteer training program, and implementing it at each site.
  • Providing periodic feedback to tutors, in person or via email or phone, expressing gratitude, encouragement, and offering input for becoming a better tutor.
  • Keeping accurate volunteer attendance records and securing required forms from each volunteer.
  • Learning volunteer tutors’ names in a timely fashion.

Other Duties:

  • Maintaining contact with people from the community as it relates to the site or the program in general, including the principals and/or other key faculty from the schools that most of our students attend, people responsible for the site location, potential volunteers and donors.
  • Meeting with staff every week to check on progress at the site and to plan for the future.
  • Having a working knowledge of the Learning Club Child Protection Policy and other relevant policies, and working to ensure that the policies are implemented at each site.
  • Making the site appealing and welcoming with posters, bulletin boards, etc.
  • Ensuring that an adequate supply of all materials are on hand at each site. 
  • Supervising and working as a team with other staff or Primary Volunteers.
  • Occasionally assisting Executive Director with presentations in the wider community.
  • Occasionally attending workshops and webinars, and seeking out meetings with people in the community to help us continue to build a better program for our students and volunteers.
  • Helping the Learning Club program evolve over time as we seek better ways to fulfill our mission and serve the most marginalized children.
  • Other duties as assigned by Executive Director or Director of Site Operations.

Work Schedule: 

Hours: 12-16 hours per week

Schedule: two afternoons/evenings per week, plus other hours on a flexible basis, 44-46 weeks of the year

Location: Currently, we are seeking a Site Director for two of our sites. Learning Club has five sites in the urban core of KCK and one in KCMO. 

Compensation: Hourly wage, commensurate with experience and skills, competitive

Start Date: Negotiable, around June 13, 2018. A later start date may be possible.

Inquiries or résumé may be directed to Brad Grabs, Executive Director.  (913) 244-5838 bgrabs@LearningClubKCK.org Learning Club of KCK, 2203 Parallel Ave. Kansas City, KS 66104  


Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply



Please send all inquiries and resumes to Brad Grabs at bgrabs@learningclubkck.org