Equal Justice Works Law Fellow

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Full Time


Details: Annual salary of $50,000 for 18 months.



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IMMEDIATE OPENING:  Law Fellowship up to 18-month term (Equal Justice Works) $75,000/term atthe nonprofit Center for Community Based Enterprise (C2BE), Detroit, MI www.c2be.org. Fellowship Compensation: $50,000/ year. Fellowship benefits include LRAP (education loan forgiveness program for public interest work), alumni network, fellow advisor and conferences events. Questions about the Equal Justice Works Fellowship programshould be sent to fellowships@equaljusticeworks.org.  


APPLICATIONS accepted here: lcarter@c2be.org. Application is due on August 20, 2018.

Center for Community Based Enterprise (C2BE):

C2BE’s mission is to build a sustainable, inclusive, living-wage local economy by developing a cooperating network of worker-owned businesses. C2BE provides legal, financial, business and training services to help people create or convert businesses to worker ownership and to build a mutual support network among these businesses.  C2BE defines community-based enterprises, or "CBEs," as sustainable, locally rooted businesses that provide equity ownership for workers and producers, pay living wages, and share resources to help each other grow. 

“Client Population” and “Focus”:

The“Focus” of this position isto enable, develop and support worker ownership and a network of such companies particularly among, people of color, low or moderate income or those returning from incarceration in Detroit and Southeast Michigan and area businesses interested in converting to worker ownership (“Client Population”).

Job Responsibilities:

The Law Fellow will perform the following work under the supervision C2BE’s executive director and senior attorneys in service to the “Client Population”including, but not limited to:

●      Provide legal advice on entity type, legal compliance and drafting governance, transactional and similar documents for neighborhood start-up businesses and existing businesses converting to worker ownership;

●      Learn to employ various types of worker ownership methods that best suit the project circumstances;

●      Research, curate, draft and publish educational resources and template documents to assist Client Population on Focus areas;

●      Develop materials for and provide worker ownership rights, responsibilities and participation education for worker owned companies employing or seeking to employ Client Population;

●      Host outreach events to seek out Focus projects and Client Population participation;

●      Participate in due diligence and research to locate appropriate target companies;

●      Conduct educational and training sessions in the community and in collaboration with local business incubators, economic development and community organizations;

●      Facilitate community events to share best practice and problem solving;

●      Advocate policy development to support worker ownership.

Job Requirements

The candidatewill be: 1) a recent law graduate who has not held a position as a full-time, permanent, public interest attorney previously; or 2) a practicing lawyer coming from a clerkship, private practice, or term-limited fellowship; 3)interested in working to build a sustainable community in Detroit for the benefit of neighborhood residents. Legal or other experience in or other knowledge of business formation, business transactions, securities, corporate, intellectual property, cooperative and/or labor law; bar admission in Michigan, are a plus.

Term:  September 2018 - February 2020

How to Apply:

Please submit your resume, a writing sample and three references to  lcarter@c2be.org.

Application is due on August 20, 2018.                     


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