Representative Growth Department (Organizer)

Job Type

Full Time




8400 Corporate Drive
Suite 200
United States


Location: Positions are open servicing the following areas

1.      Washington, DC metropolitan area

However you must be willing to travel to all areas covered by Local 400, including the entire states of Virginia and West Virginia and parts of Maryland, Tennessee, Ohio, North Carolina and Kentucky.

Major responsibilities include:

·      To build, understand, and articulate the campaign strategy

·      To be willing to share, grow, and critique your campaign visions, tactics, strategies and plans for execution

·      To be a flexible, honest, willing, and committed teammate to your fellow growth department staff

·      ​To initiate or expand union organizing campaigns by:

a.      Building lists of employees at targeted worksites 

b.      Gathering data, having conversations and assessing interest at non-union work sites 

·      Identifying community and political allies with influence over organizing targets

·      To win organizing campaigns by:

a.      Developing and implementing work plans which carry out the campaign strategy

b.      Planning and leading meetings and actions in support of the campaign strategy

c.      Building strategic alliances and relationships within the broader community 

·      ​To build majority support for the union by:

a.      Building relationships, identifying issues, and assessing interest through home visits

b.      Moving workers to take action in support of the campaign 

c.      Recruiting workers to join in collective action

·      ​To develop strong worksite leadership of campaigns by:

a.      Building relationships and identifying leadership potential 

b.      Recruiting a representative group of leaders to a more active and responsible role in the campaign as members of the organizing committee

c.      Developing individual leaders and the committee as a whole so that they are more confident, capable and active in their leadership of the campaign

·      ​To develop strong member organizers by:

a.      Identifying roles for union members in campaigns

b.      Orienting, training and directing union members who are on organizing campaigns

c.      Assessing the ability of member organizers to contribute to the campaign

·      To provide and make strategic use of campaign data by:

a.      Maintaining an accurate and updated database 

b.      Creating clear and accurate reports detailing the status of a campaign

c.      Using reports to analyze the campaign and determine next steps

·      To support the success of Local 400 and the UFCW by:

a.      Willingly taking on additional responsibilities and assignments as needed 

b.      Working as a collaborative member of the Local 400 team and demonstrating interdepartmental solidarity

c.      Being a supportive member of the Local 400 family


·      High School Diploma or equivalent

·      Knowledge or experience in labor movement or related experience

·      Ability to work independently

·      Ability to organize and plan work

·      Commitment to fight for justice and human rights

·      Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

·      Bilingual English/Spanish (and/or other languages) desirable

·      Willingness to work long, irregular hours

·      Valid driver's license

·      Type of Employment:

·      Full time salaried

·      Compensation:

·      Salary dependent on qualifications and experience

·      Full benefits package, including health insurance, dental, pension, 401(k), legal

To apply: Submit a cover letter, resume, accomplishments and references to

Local 400 is an Equal Opportunity Employer and highly values diversity of perspective and experience. We strongly encourage women, people of color, LGBT people, people with disabilities, and people with a working class background to apply.

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement

How To Apply

To apply: Submit a cover letter, resume, accomplishments and references to