Middle School Teaching Fellow

Job Type

Full Time


Details: Stipend




154 Centre Street
United States


Epiphany is an independent school dedicated to providing excellent, tuition-free education to boys and girls of all faiths, from economically disadvantaged families from Boston. We are looking for recent college graduates who feel a commitment to the city, education, and children and are excited about the idea of working for a full-service school that is open twelve hours a day. The teaching fellows primary responsibilities will be student teaching, running several small reading groups, coaching sports and assisting with a major area of school such as: technology, student support, administration, etc. While it is recognized that the interns may have little or no teaching experience, the entire atmosphere is one of collaboration and mutual learning. If it is determined that teaching in an urban setting is a what you are passionate about pursuing as a career, we may be able to support you in a second or third year where, in addition to serving as a teaching fellow you may be accepted into a one year program to receive your Masters’ Degree.


● Student Teach

● Teach Reading Enrichment groups

● Serve as a member of Non-Academic Area Teams

● Coach interscholastic sports or Physical Education Classes

● Supervise all duties during the school day, afternoon and evening portion of our program 



● $600 monthly stipend

● Free housing and housing expenses

● Health Insurance

● Gym membership

● Americorps Educational Award of approximately $5000 (for full year position pending Federal funding)

● Joy

Level of Language Proficiency

English; Creole (Haitian and Cape Verdean) and Spanish strongly preferred.

Professional Level

Entry level

Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply


Hiring Process:

● Check out the website at www.epiphanyschool.com

● Contact us at hiring@epiphanyschool.com

● Submit transcripts, resume and cover letter

● Complete formal written application and submit 2 written recommendations

● Visit the school for a day for initial visit

● Return to teach a mini lesson