Global Youth Village Summer Job: First Aider / Mentor

Job Type

Full Time


00Details: modest salary ($225-$400 / week depending on experience) PLUS R & B




1020 Legacy Drive
United States


Seeking a "practical idealist" with a passion for youth work, global perspectives and community health.

Each summer since 1979, a dynamic community is created at the Global Youth Village that emphasizes experiential learning and challenges young people to turn intercultural theory into practical action. This year 60+ teens and staff from around the world will participate. 2018 highlights include youth leaders from Egypt.


Everyone experiences conflict; what one chooses to do with it is the key. In GYV’s Dialogue Workshop teens learn practical peace-building skills and how to respond productively to conflict and prejudice. They learn how to lead discussions and have constructive conversations with people holding differing viewpoints. They gain tools to deal with anger – their own and others, while developing listening skills, and mastering cross-cultural communications. 


The Dialogue Workshop, coupled with cultural programming, sports and arts, alongside the cooperative living setting in this residential camp help participants learn to respect differences and discover similarities that transcend cultural, religious, and political barriers.

THE JOB: This is a role that combines both health care responsibilities and offers options for this staff person to develop and offer engaging activities for GYV's participants to enhance their leadership skills or provide new vistas to view themselves through the exploration of arts, sports or cultural activities. Global Youth Village staff are diverse in culture and youth work experience. The team works closely together to promote sensitivity to all cultures, encourage personal development and integration, and ensure safety. Staff are role models of participation, cooperation, care, and respect and are responsible for guiding youth through their GYV experience of self discovery; contributing to a deeper understanding of one’s self and how personal actions affect the world around them.

DATES: June 27– July 23, 2018 (includes staff training and wrap up).

This position is residential and full time. Participation is GYV's staff training required. Housing and meals provided along with a modest salary.


This position is residential and includes housing and meals, plus a modest salary ranging between $225-$400 / week depending on experience.


Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply

If interested, send resume and cover letter to: Leila Baz, HR Coordinator,

tel: 540 297 5982