High School Lead Guide for Progressive School in Guatemala City, Guatemala

Job Type

Full Time




1 calle 23-47 Z15 VHII
Guatemala City


Acton Academy Guatemala is a learning community centered around three principles: Learn to Learn, Learn to Do, and Learn to Be. Our Eagles are independent learners who find great joy in learning, in a tight knit community that upholds the highest standards of excellence.


Your main responsibility as the Lead Guide of Launchpad Studio will be to guide Acton’s oldest students (ages 15 - 18) to seek real-life experiences in order to enrich their Hero’s Journey and prepare for their next step (when they leave Acton). As the oldest members of our community, your studio is the role model of strong work ethic, healthy relationships, and excellence in all they do.


Job Description and Responsibilities


A Launchpad Guide first and foremost leads by example. We are seeking a joyful person who has high levels of discipline, a strong work ethic, and who values excellence. He or she should be highly productive, responsible, organized, open-minded, and respectful towards others. As a natural mentor, this person must truly love recognizing the best in others and have a talent in guiding them to achieve their full potential. Our ideal candidate is high energy, an excellent communicator, and enjoys every part of the learning process.

Acton Academy Guatemala (www.actonacademyguatemala.com) is part of the Acton Academy Network of schools (http://www.actonacademy.org/). The faculty is a collaborative community of learners, actively passionate about changing the face of education in the 21st century.

Interested parties should be willing to make a three-year commitment. Please send a resume/portfolio and letter including your experience in and interest in progressive education to Ms. Analu Bonifasi, at info@actonacademyguatemala.com.



Level of Language Proficiency

English - Native

Spanish - Proficient

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

2-year degree

How To Apply


Send an email with your CV to info@actonacademyguatemala.com