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Position Summary

The Manager of Finance is a full time position responsible for providing timely financial information, managing assets and risks and utilizing best practices in finance and accounting, internal controls and operations to provide critical financial information to staff and management. The Manager of Finance promotes the mission of the Montgomery County Collaboration Council (MCCC) by supporting employees, supervisors and the Board of Directors and its committees in the furtherance of their financial responsibilities of managing, sustaining, promoting and doing the work of the organization. The Manager of Finance is responsible for the monthly, quarterly and annual accounting of financial information in MCCC’s ledger system. This position addresses tight deadlines and a multitude of accounting activities including general ledger preparation and account reconciliation, year-end audit and tax preparations. The position supervises one part-time Accounting Manager.



  1. Develop total organizational budget scenarios for dissemination to Executive Director (ED) and the Fiscal Committee (FC) of the Board; refine budget based on feedback and state and local budget decisions leading to ultimate budget to Board for approval in June time-frame.
  2. Develop individual grant budgets as needed to meet deadlines for grant applications – coordinate with program personnel to ensure timely submissions; January – April/May.
  3. Responsible for submitting on-line applications for Montgomery County Council and County Executive grants in January.

Financial Reporting

  1. Fiscal Committee/Board: Servers as liaison to the Fiscal Committee – ensures timely reporting to the Fiscal Committee of a complete set of financial statements on a quarterly basis; responds to inquiries of the FC and prepares reports to the Board after review by the FC. Develops meaningful statistical and other financial measures to assist the FC and Board to understand the financial position of the MCCC in order to address current and future resource and sustainability requirements.
  2. Internal: Provides meaningful information to ED and program personnel on programmatic and contractual performance v. budget on a monthly, quarterly and ad hoc basis as requested. Advises program personnel of any fiscal/budgetary issues with contracts in a timely manner.
  3. External: Ensures all fiscal reports are submitted to funders/grantors in a timely manner and in accordance with grant/contract terms and conditions. Coordinates with program personnel to ensure program reports are also submitted as required.
  4. Audits: Plans, coordinates and manages all audits by an independent CPA firm and federal, state and county agencies and other funders as necessary. Ensures Federal Form 990 is properly prepared by the accounting firm, forwarded to the ED, FC and Board for review and filed in a timely manner. As determined by the FC, is responsible for managing the selection process for independent audit firms, including developing a request for proposals for review by the FC and working with the evaluation committee to manage the selection process. Negotiates contractual terms and conditions with the audit firm.
  5. Other: Ensures that all other organizational filing requirements for Federal, State and local agencies, including the annual Maryland Charitable Registration and Personal Property Tax filings, are made in a timely manner.

Asset Management

  1. Cash: Manages day to day cash requirements of the MCCC and ensures sufficient working capital to meet operational requirements. Ensures cash is properly accounted for in the accounting system and reconciled monthly to the bank statement in a timely manner. Projects cash flow and advises ED and FC of need to access line of credit, as applicable.
  2. Accounts Receivable: Ensures receivables are properly recorded, reconciled and analyzed monthly to ensure funds due to the MCCC are properly accounted for.
  3. Other Assets: Ensures fixed assets are properly recorded in accordance with capitalization policy and maintains an appropriate subsidiary detail ledger. Also ensures that prepaid assets, deposits and other items are recorded and reconciled quarterly. 

Liability Management

  1. Accounts Payable: Manages the vendor payment process and ensures payments are made in accordance with contractual requirements. Ensures that accounts payable are properly recorded in the accounting system and reconciled on a monthly basis.
  2. Accrued Expenses: Ensures that all liabilities are recorded in the general ledger and reconciled on a quarterly basis.  This includes accrued salary, payroll taxes, fringe, employee withholdings and annual leave.
  3. Due to State/County/Other Funders: Ensures that all unspent grant funds are properly accounted for and returned to state agencies as required.
  4. Deferred Revenue: Maintains detailed accounting records of cash received in advance from funders and reconciles on a quarterly basis to ensure revenue is properly accounted for.
  5. Other liabilities: Ensures that other obligations/commitments of the MCCC are properly accounted for as required.

Accounting Policies and Procedures

  1. Responsible for establishing and maintaining all accounting policies and procedures which are periodically reviewed and approved by the FC.
  2. Works with the FC to establish and maintain the investment policy for the MCCC.
  3. Assumes responsibility for ensuring policies and procedures are being adhered to throughout the organization.

Internal Control

  1. Ensures internal controls within the organization are adequate.
  2. Ensures that segregation of accounting duties and responsibilities is maintained and that alternative procedures/processes are employed when necessary to maximize internal controls.



  1. Manages PAYCHEX Online Payroll System. Enrolls all employees; ensures payroll deductions are accurate; ensures timesheets and leave requests are approved.  
  2. Ensures employees are paid bi-weekly in arrears and on-line payroll entry is received no later than Noon on the Tuesday prior to the Friday pay date.
  3. Creates a spreadsheet for maintaining employee leave balances as a check against the payroll vendor reporting – systems should be reconciled and differences accounted for and corrected with each payroll.


Risk Management

  1. Responsible for ensuring that MCCC has adequate insurance coverage for general commercial and professional liability as well as workers compensation and Board fiduciary liability.
  2. Ensures that coverage is adequate to meet all contractual requirements with funders.

Contract Management

  1. Responsible for ensuring an adequate system of record keeping and controls is in place for all contracts entered into by the MCCC.
  2. Oversees activities of the Executive Assistant in contract development, processing and renewal.
  3. Ensures a process is in place to keep ED and program managers informed of contract status and requirements for renewals and request for proposals (issuance).
  4. Ensures contract approval aligns with Procurement Policies and Procedures.

Employee Benefits

  1. Responsible for obtaining and managing employee retirement, health, dental, life and disability plan vendors in accordance with terms and policies established by the ED and the Board.
  2. Manages annual renewals/changes in vendors.
  3. Responsible for keeping informed of changes in federal and state law affecting employee benefits.
  4. Responsible for selecting a vendor to manage employee 125 Cafeteria plan including flexible spending and health reimbursement accounts.
  5. Works with employees to complete enrollment information and resolve problems.
  6. Maintains a separate reconciliation of plan balances as a check against provider system reports.

Office Space

  1. Locates and negotiates office space at the marketable rate in conformity with the needs and requirements of the organization and its employees.
  2. Ensures compliance with the terms of the lease and negotiates lease renewals subject to review and approval by the ED, FC and Board as part of the budget process.
  3. Manages relations with lessor and ensures day-to-day maintenance issues are resolved in a timely manner.
  4. Negotiates terms of shared services with the landlord and other tenants and compliance with terms.

Position Requirements

Experience and Education

  • 7-10 years’ experience managing accounting functions, preferably with non-profit organizations
  • BA Accounting or related financial degree; MBA; CPA preferred
  • 7-10 years’ experience working as a liaison with management and their boards and fiscal committees
  • Experience in managing fiscal budgeting and reporting; developing statistical and other financial reports which illustrate the financial position of the organization
  • 3-5 years’ in a supervisory role; preferably in accounting functions

Skills and Abilities

  • Current and extensive comprehension and application of GAAP required
  • Applied knowledge of various accounting software; MS Dynamics NAV necessary
  • Knowledge of internal controls and auditing procedures
  • Exception PC and spreadsheet skills necessary
  • Working knowledge and application of payroll software and the production of a bi-weekly payroll for staff

This position may be reassigned and responsibilities may be modified or changed at any time to fulfill the organizational requirements.


Salary is commensurate with degree and experience.

Position is open until filled.

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

Master's degree

How To Apply

Please direct letter of interest including salary requirements and resume to: info@collaborationcouncil.orgPlease reference Manager of Finance in the subject line.