Junior Field Associate

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Full Time


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Position Description:

  • The Junior Field Associate position is about doing anything it takes to advance our mission. In this position, you will take on a special blend of our different teams. From working alongside our field nurses to ensure patient follow- up to creating resources for MEDLIFE Chapter members and volunteers, you embody a spirit of service and value building relationships and making sacrifices to improve people's quality of life. You will coordinate with our main office to help meet required tasks throughout the year. The distribution of work will vary from post to post. In some sites there may be a greater need for translating during mobile clinics or implementing projects. Other sites may need more administrative support.


Continued Development:

  • Throughout the Junior Field Associate’s time with MEDLIFE, they will be given feedback on the quality of their work. If it is determined that an long term position is available, it will be offered to the most qualified Junior Associates before potentially looking outwards to fill the vacancy. Secondary positions may be offered to a Junior Field Associate before they have completed their original 9 months in the JFA role. There is no guarantee of a secondary position for the Junior Associate once they have finished their time with MEDLIFE.


  • Below is a general outline of the tasks and responsibilities that you may encounter throughout the program. They are broken down into areas, and while you can expect to be involved in the majority of what is listed, you will not be doing all of the listed tasks simultaneously as the workflow varies greatly from season to season.

MED Programs:

  • MED Programs organizes our mobile clinics, from hiring medical providers and nurses to organizing materials and medicines. They assist in coordinating community development projects, provide educational workshops and ensure patient follow-up.
  • Assist field nurses during house and hospital visits and administratively keep track of patient details.
  • Help with all aspects of projects including, pre, during and post stages both administratively and in the field, as needed.
  • Assist with translating during mobile clinics and when required.
  • Find health information and statistics in country as well as organize our compiled data of medicine, patients, projects, etc.


  • Communications organizes all of our work and converts it into a powerful tool to spread our message.
  • Provide written summaries of patients and projects;
  • Interview patients and project beneficiaries.
  • Record all patient interviews.
  • Provide photographs and basic video of patients and projects.


  • Operations is in charge of the logistics of hotels, buses, food as well as quality control of volunteer trips.
  • Coordinate the logistics for mobile clinics
  • Help with medical emergencies as they arise and coordinate between our primary office and the volunteers emergency contact.

MED international:

  • Volunteer Affairs coordinates MEDLIFE Chapters and activities. They create resources to translate the local reality for our Chapter members and volunteers.
  • Educate Chapters and expansion leads during clinics.
  • Hold location based webinars for our Chapters from your office
  • Lead and facilitate nightly meetings/presentations and reflection activities with volunteers during clinics.
  • Create an informative and life-changing experience while motivating volunteers to stay involved with the MEDLIFE mission and make a difference in their local communities.

Finances & Accounting:

  • Support the Field Office team lead with organizing all receipts, petty cash, monthly expense reports, and monthly budgets. 
  • Input financial information in respective documents.


Location and Housing:

You will spend 3 – 6 months in our Field Office in Riobamba, Ecuador. In addition, you will split another 6 months between our Field Office in Cusco, Peru and our main office in Lima, Peru. In all instances, housing and transportation from location to location will be provided. Housing will vary from location to location and in some instances may include a homestay with a local family.


MEDLIFE will provide a single, $750 stipend to assist with the cost of travel from the Associates home country. Once the associate has arrived in country, MEDLIFE will cover the cost of further transportation between sites.


MEDLIFE will provide a monthly $500 stipend to the Associate. As MEDLIFE is covering the cost of housing and the services in said housing (Electricity, Internet, Cooking gas, Etc), the stipend is meant to offset the basic cost of food.

Level of Language Proficiency

English - Full Professional Proficiency

Spanish - Professional Working Proficiency

Professional Level

Entry level

Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply


Send an email with your CV or Resume to Jobs@medlifeweb.org. Please list the title of the position you are applying for in your email.