Nurse Educator Institution

Job Type

Full Time Contract


Minimum: $10,000.00
Maximum: $30,000.00



Start Date:


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PO Box 873


Position Summary

The Nurse Educator is primarily responsible for the education, training and professional development of the LFHC nursing team. This includes the development and delivery of education and training opportunities, the implementation of education curriculums, the coordination of external training and development of trainers amongst the local nursing team.

In addition to this the Nurse Educator provides support to the Director of Nursing in aspects of their role. This may include organization, recruitment and rostering of nursing staff and the development and implementation of clinical guidelines and protocols as required.


Specific Duties

• Develop and deliver education and training opportunities for the nursing team

• Create a nursing education timetable and develop the nurse roster to facilitate optimal teaching opportunities

• Assist in the development and implementation of local training programs and courses

• Mentor the Lao nurse educator and assist them in the development and delivery of their curriculum

• Assist in reviewing the clinical performance nursing staff to specifically identify staff who need further education and assistance

• Liaise with the Medical Education Director in the coordination of joint medical and nursing education

• Liaise with other members of the multidisciplinary team (eg. laboratory, pharmacy, radiology, outreach) to both involve them in the development of training and provide them with the opportunity to attend relevant training

• Assist in the development of both nursing specific and hospital wide medical policies and protocols

• Facilitate training by external individuals and groups, including nursing volunteers and course providers

• Organise participation in clinical placements and courses in external facilities

• Provide support and guidance to nursing volunteers, encouraging their involvement in training and staff development

• Assist in grant proposal and report writing and provide statistics and photographs to be utilised for both promotional and educational purposes


• An internationally recognized university degree in Nursing is essential

• International experience in providing pediatric nursing care, strongly preferred

• Experience in teaching nurses in a developing setting with English as a second language, preferred

• Ability to interact with people from various countries and backgrounds with tact, diplomacy and poise

• Demonstrated leadership ability with strong organisational and communication skills

• Commitment to providing compassionate and nurturing care to our patients and families, while achieving the strategic and operational goals of LFHC

• Flexibility and ability to work effectively in a varied and dynamic team


Salary and Benefits Housing allowance; travel allowance; and salary competitive and commensurate with experience and qualifications

Level of Language Proficiency


Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement

How To Apply

You can send by office word or PDF file.