Executive Director

Job Type

Full Time


Maximum: $60,000




3100 Clarendon Boulevard
Suite 200
United States



Clarendon Alliance

Arlington, Virginia

The Clarendon Alliance is Clarendon’s Partnership and Membership Organization. Established in 1984 and designated as an IRS 501(c)(6) non-profit in 1986, the Clarendon Alliance has a board composed of businesses, property owners, and Civic Association representatives – we represent the Clarendon community. The Clarendon Alliance organizes many special events each year, including Clarendon Day, the Clarendon-Courthouse Mardi Gras Parade, the Urban Village Market at Courthouse, the Clarendon Farmers Market and Arlington Art Festival, just to name a few. In 2008, Clarendon was named home of one of the Ten Great Streets in the United States. The Clarendon Alliance strives to make our community thrive!

The Executive Director will act as the principal officer of the Clarendon Alliance and is responsible for the overall administration, financial management, and day-to-day activities of the organization. The Executive Director will report to the Board of Directors and work with the Board to establish the organization’s direction.

Responsibilities include:

●     Act as staff to the Board of the Clarendon Alliance and its committees and serve the Board as its spokesperson and as its liaison with the Clarendon and Arlington business community, local, state, and federal government agencies, and other community and professional organizations.

●     Evaluate and administer the Clarendon Alliance’s program services in the areas of marketing/branding, improving community relations, physical enhancements, and other designated areas.

●      Prepare and recommend annual plan and operating budgets to the Board for approval.

●     Assure adherence to these plans, maintaining all organizational records and provide the Board with periodic management reports, operating statements and cost and program analyses.

●     Oversee the administrative function of the Clarendon Alliance, including managing and the membership program, monitoring the budget throughout the year and managing the finances of the corporation, and providing an annual report to the board measuring progress meeting the Clarendon Alliance’s goals.

●     Perform other duties as assigned by the board.


●     The ideal candidate will be a highly energetic and creative self-starter with a proven track record of leading institutional or department growth. 

●     Prior management experience, a working knowledge of standard administrative and accounting practices, and strong verbal and written communication skills are required.

●     Work experience in the areas of public/private partnerships, economic and community development, urban revitalization and/or small business development is preferred.

●     Additional experience in marketing, social media, branding.

●     The ideal candidate will possess the ability to work with diverse business and community leaders and to function independently.

The best candidate will have thorough and progressive experience in:

●     Organizing, implementing and managing a comprehensive plan to promote local businesses, events, programs, activities and opportunities as well as the ability to efficiently and sensitively incorporate diverse volunteers, individuals, groups, businesses, local government agencies and organizations.

Position Environment

The Executive Director will work out of a newly established MAKE Office Space in the heart of Clarendon (https://makeoffices.com/locations/washington-dc/clarendon/).

Annual Compensation: Up to $60,000

Please forward resume and cover letter indicating why you are both interested and qualified for the position to jobs@clarendon.org



Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement

How To Apply


Please forward resume and cover letter indicating why you are both interested and qualified for the position to jobs@clarendon.org