Physician Assistant/Nurse Practitioner

Job Type

Part Time



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935 Broadway
United States


Assist agency physicians in providing comprehensive direct patient care and Burprenorphine Treatment Services to clients, including:

  • Conduct physical examinations and record client data in charts and electronic medical records systems.
  • Interpret and evaluate patient data to determine appropriate patient management and treatment plan.
  • Perform detailed and accurate review of patient records to develop comprehensive medical status reports.
  • Provide instructions and guidance regarding medical care matters to patients.
  • Facilitate patient access to all AHP services.
  • Provide education in buprenorphine and other drug treatment options.
  • Provide buprenorphine induction and maintenance, and medically-assisted buprenorphine treatment.
  • Order laboratory tests and review lab results with patients.
  • Participate in testing and treatment for HIV, HCV & STIs.
  • Write prescriptions for medications as required
  • Institute emergency measures and emergency treatment or appropriate stabilization measures in situations such as cardiac arrest, shock or convulsions.
  • Participate in program evaluation.
  • Participate in weekly supervision.
  • Maintain patient confidentiality as per HIPPA laws and AHP policies and procedures.
  • Assume other program-related tasks as assigned.

Ideal Candidate:

  • New York State licensed Physician’s Assistant or licensed Nurse Practitioner.
  • knows and supports harm reduction philosophy. 
  • Has experience in HIV, HCV and/or STI prevention & treatment, mental health and/or substance use treatment. 
  • Has experience working in a harm reduction environment. 
  • Has knowledge of the Brooklyn substance-using communities and service providers. 
  • Has experience or desire to work with disenfranchised populations.
  • Able to work as part of a team within a larger organization with multiple programs. 
  • An organized, self-motivated person, committed to working in a multi-cultural, multi-racial diverse environment 

Level of Language Proficiency

Bi-Lingual (Spanish) highly preferred

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required