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Organizational Overview

Roca has been serving young people in Massachusetts since 1988. We currently serve over 1,000 young people across 21 communities in Massachusetts, with three fully operating sites in Chelsea, Boston, and Springfield, and two satellite sites in Lynn, and Holyoke, MA. We also opened a site in Baltimore, Maryland in the summer of 2018. All of our sites serve high-risk young men, and our Chelsea and Springfield sites also serve high-risk young mothers.

Roca’s work is based on the theory that young people, when re-engaged through positive and intensive relationships, can change their behaviors and develop life, education, and employment skills to disrupt the cycles of poverty and incarceration. Roca’s Intervention Model engages the highest-risk 16-24 year olds in a long-term process of behavior change and skill building opportunities. Understanding that meaningful change doesn’t happen overnight, we deliver an Intervention Model that is four years long and allows for relapse during the process. We know that lasting change requires a safe space to grow and to flex newly acquired decision-making skills. If a young person is seeking change or can make it through our model without relapsing, then they are not a candidate for Roca and can likely be served by a less intense program.

Our Intervention Model is a cognitive-behavioral intervention based on the evidence-based practices of community corrections. It is the only community corrections model that is delivered on the street, to high-risk young people, by a non-mandated authority.  The Intervention Model has five components: Relentless Outreach, Transformational Relationships, Tailored Programming, Engaged Institutions, and Performance Based Management. The Young Mothers’ Program is an intensive, four-year, two generational approach to serving the highest risk single mothers ages 16-24 and their vulnerable children, and helping them to find stability, achieve sustained behavior change, and improve developmental and educational outcomes for young children.

Position Overview

This position reports to the TEP Coordinator and works closely with the Holyoke Young Men's Program team. Roca has a created numerous strategies to help our young people gain both soft and hard skills that can help prepare them for work. Transitional Employment provides participants the opportunity to work on a real work crew, run by a Roca Crew Supervisor, to learn and practice the skills necessary to be successful at work. Pre-Vocational trainings offer participants an opportunity to learn technical skills that can help them build competency and earn certificates that may help them in job searches.

When supervising a work crew, the Crew Supervisor/Pre-Voc Instructor (CS/PV) is responsible for supporting, coordinating, and supervising transitional employment participants on the work site and managing the site contract work. The CS/PV is responsible for ensuring all young people are in program compliance while ensuring the work is completed for the contract. CS/PV’s model and teach soft skills related to employment and provide off site supervision and retention support for young people placed in transitional employment. As part of this work, the CS/PV serves as a working crew member on all work assignments, modeling and teaching work behavior while working and delivering on contract obligations. 

When providing pre-vocational instruction, the CS/PV will run workforce readiness training classes with an agreed upon series of curriculums for one time to multiple session workshops and classes will be used to engage young people and increase their skills.  Vocational training areas include but are not limited to: maintenance, cleaning, painting, basic construction (framing, locks, apartment turn over, etc.…), landscaping, OSHA, and Forklift. In addition to classroom-based programming, the CS/PV will implement special work projects as directed, using the physical plant of Roca both internally and externally to create hands on learning opportunities for participants.


Understand, practice and promote the vision, mission, and values of the organization.

 Core Functions -- Bottom Lines and Expectations -- Targets:

  •  Provide participant target lists for classes, trainings, work projects, etc. to youth workers in team check-ins and meetings.
  •  Conduct general and targeted outreach to young people to increase participation in programming
  •  Assess student level of engagement readiness and communicate with Youth Workers for targeted outreach and engagement in classes
  •  80% of active participants are identified for appropriate pre-vocational trainings/employment programming
  •  Work Crew Fill Rates at 125% for basic crews, 100% fill rate for advanced crews

Transformational Relationships

  • Engage and build relationships with young people enrolled in Transformational Relationships and participating in stage-based educational and pre-vocational programming.
  •  Engage in intentional CBT based contacts with participants to help them identify and learn skills to shift negative behavioral cycles
  •  Communicate with youth worker regarding participant barriers (substance abuse, street, domestic violence, etc.) and skills needed to be job ready
  • Actively participate in the safety of the space for all participants through building coverage and communication across the organization
  •  Intentional contacts/efforts to participants recorded in ETO

Transitional Employment

  •  Fully implement Transitional Employment Program and achieve targeted benchmarks with young people on work crews
  • Ensure that all contract deliverables are regularly and consistently met
  • Manage day to day operations of assigned transitional employment work crew and evaluate performance of each work crew at end of working day
  •  Monitor participants time sheets and track daily participant attendance
  • Track weekly employee assessment forms and monitor participant hiring and firing
  • Work with crew members completing assigned tasks of crew contracts, and modeling appropriate work behaviors
  • Provide daily feedback and coaching to young people and ensure that the quality of work is getting completed in a timely manner; this includes both positive reinforcement and constructive feedback
  •  80% of participants on track for on time transition from TEP
  •  100% of Workforce Behavioral Assessments completed & reviewed weekly
  •  100% on time completion of worksite verifications/payroll

Pre-Vocational Programming

  • Engage and teach young people pre-vocational trainings through drop ins, one time projects, and multiple series advanced trainings and special projects
  • Implement Pre-Vocational Trainings in the following areas: maintenance, painting, custodial, cleaning, landscaping, OSHA, others as determined.
  • Implement training assessments and support participant completion of advanced courses
  • Work with appropriate team at Roca and employer partners for improving trainings, developing and implementing advanced trainings, and workshops
  • Promote and actively encourage skills development for young people in construction and maintenance classes and trainings.
  • 15-20 unduplicated participants served each week

General Responsibilities

  •  Track daily participant attendance and maintain and implement all appropriate evaluation tools as instructed
  •  Use ETO reports and shared data to inform improvements, attendance, and needs to improve Vocational Programming at Roca.
  • Maintain Efforts to Outcomes (ETO) data base through data entry of all work with participants on a daily/weekly basis, completion of assessments and all other tools as required for evaluation purposes, if applicable
  • Demonstrate mindfulness for the resources that Roca possesses, and actively work to maintain their functioning
  • Other tasks as assigned
  • Daily attendance is entered
  • Daily programming standard reports used to track participants in targeted programming
  • Assessments are completed and entered on time to track certs


The very nature of Roca’s work requires an individual of great commitment and energy to the mission. Roca seeks a highly driven individual who is good fit both personally and professionally for the culture of Roca. In addition, the ideal candidate for this position will be a trustworthy decision-maker. He/she will have a sense of humor, feel passionate and committed to direct work with high risk youth, and demonstrate interest in coaching and supporting coworkers. 

Roca expects candidates to have the following skills:

  • BA preferred/Equivalent experience accepted--Minimum of three years of direct service work with high risk young people
  • Understanding and experience working with high risk, multicultural, diverse young people; preferably two to three years of direct service work
  • Extensive experience in the field of basic construction, painting, and building maintenance
  • Experience teaching and managing a classroom and working with small groups
  • Attention to detail and ability to complete tasks with excellence and on time
  • Capacity to think and act intentionally and strategically to help young people change behaviors
  • Creative problem-solving and thinking
  • Excellent at organizing, managing and completing multiple complex projects and tasks simultaneously with thoroughness, accuracy, timeliness and good humor.
  • Self-motivation, initiative, sound judgment, and commitment to ongoing learning are essential
  • Strong attendance, high energy, and ability to motivate others to engage in classes and training
  • Ability to break down and explain/teach skills to a population with varying skills/education capabilities
  • Desire to support high risk young men learn necessary work skills to retain long term employment
  • Computer Literacy and timely data submission/entry
  • Ability to work as a part of a team.

Requirements for the position:

  • Travel around the service area
  • Valid State issued driver’s license
  • Criminal background and Driving Record check required
  • Willingness and ability to work outside of normal business hours, and Holidays and/or weekends as needed.
  • Working with diverse cultures
  • Strong attendance and high energy

Roca is an equal opportunity employer


Organizational Overview

Roca has been serving young people in Massachusetts since 1988. We currently serve over 1,000 young people across 21 communities in Massachusetts, with three fully operating sites in Chelsea, Boston, and…

Details at a glance

  • On-site Location
  • Full Time Schedule


In addition to classic benefits such as time off and holidays, Roca offers other excellent benefits: employer-sponsored health insurance, dental insurance, employer-paid short/long term disability, group life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment insurance, a wellness program, employee assistance program and flexible spending accounts.

In addition to classic benefits such as time off and holidays, Roca offers other excellent benefits: employer-sponsored health insurance, dental insurance, employer-paid short…

How To Apply

To apply please email, in a PDF format, your resume accompanied by a thoughtful cover letter to Please include the position title in the subject line.

To apply please email, in a PDF format, your resume accompanied by a thoughtful cover letter to Please include the position title in the subject line.


384 High Street, Holyoke, MA 01040