Short-term consultant for English Pathways

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Full Time






Remote Consultant


About Generation Rwanda/Kepler

Generation Rwanda (GR) launched in 2004 and has since supported a number of young people in Rwanda in achieving their higher education goals through scholarships for universities throughout the country. In 2013, GR expanded its reach when it started Kepler, a nonprofit university program designed to reinvent higher education with a lens on readiness for 21st century careers. We aspire to be among the first organizations to demonstrate at scale that it is possible to provide excellent learning and employment outcomes to students at a low cost.

To achieve this goal, Kepler is building its academic model around the demanding, practical needs of employers. We deliver the skills that businesses seek through hands-on learning that combines world-class online content, high-quality in-person coaching, and extensive real-world work experience. To date, we have more than 550 students on our two Rwanda campuses - in Kigali and in Kiziba Refugee camp.

Currently, all Kepler students earn their degrees through our degree partner Southern New Hampshire University and that will continue to be a key part of the Kepler model. In parallel, we are working on developing a Bachelor’s degree provided by Kepler and accredited in Rwanda. This new degree would be offered in Rwanda as well as in two additional countries over the next few years.

About the Role

The consultant will develop a series of assessments for, and provide feedback on, our English Pathways for our campus in Kiziba refugee camp. The English Pathways are designed to build our incoming students’ foundational English skills before they are on-boarded to the online degree platform. Our pathways are independent and self-paced in order to meet the unique needs of our refugee camp-based learners. 


1. Assessments to test English proficiency and readiness for university-level work

  • Design an entry placement assessment of key grammar and writing standards that maps to the pathway curriculum and allows students to be begin work at an appropriate level within the pathways.
  • Design formative assessments at the end of each pathway and a summative assessment to determine progress of students toward key grammar and writing standards.
  • Work with Kepler curriculum staff to adjust existing rubrics to better align with Phase II assessments. 

2. Evaluation of current English Pathways curriculum

  • Review the sequences for grammar and determine which are most essential for literacy at a university level and recommend changes to program.
  • Find and suggest additional resources to use for independent grammar and writing instruction and ways to deliver this curriculum to students.
  • Suggest and potentially build out in-person components to use during Phase II to supplement online instruction.

Ideal Candidates:

  1. Have experience writing interactive, learner-focused curriculum documents.
  2. Have experience writing curriculum for students who are English Language Learners and teaching English Language Learners in a classroom setting. Teaching experience with secondary school or adult learners preferred.
  3. Have experience with teaching and designing curriculum using blended and online learning models and platforms, including but not limited to IxL, NoRedInk, Newsela, Coursera, etc.
  4. Have experience communicating and working with people from varied cultural backgrounds, both at a distance and in person.
  5. Are organized and work efficiently with attention to detail.
  6. Are comfortable working with a developing vision and frequent changes.
  7. Are receptive to receiving constructive feedback on curriculum documents and plans and using feedback to revise work.
  8. Are comfortable using Google Apps, Google Drive and Microsoft Office.
  9. Can work independently with minimal supervision and from a distance.

Compensation: $1,000-$1,500 depending on the scope of the final deliverables

Timeline: Deliverables to be completed between mid-August and mid-October

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement