Case Manager for Child/Adolescent Brain Injury Services

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Full Time




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Brain Injury Services helps children and adults with a brain injury build the skills and confidence they need to lead a fulfilling and productive life.

Under the direction of the Manager of Child/Adolescent Services, the Pediatric Brain Injury Case Manager is responsible for providing community based case management to children/adolescents with acquired brain injury and their families in the Northern Virginia region. The pediatric brain injury program includes the provision of long term case management services, prevention activities, public awareness and education, transitional services from in-patient care to school and community, and support groups.


Distinguishing Characteristics:


This position requires a professional level of intervention with complex cases. The Pediatric Brain Injury Case Manager will work closely with the local school systems to increase their knowledge of brain injuries. Intervention will include support groups in addition to case management. The Manager may designate other duties.


Examples of Duties:


Guided by the Core Purpose and Values of this organization, the Pediatric Brain Injury Case Manager shall:

-         Obtain information and make referrals for appropriate services.

-         Do a comprehensive intake evaluation including the completion of all documentation as designated in the Policy and Procedure Manual and obtain all necessary records from outside sources to assure a thorough evaluation.

-         Clearly articulate the clients/family’s needs and appropriateness for services to the Intake and Review Board.

-         Establish a solid therapeutic relationship with clients and their families.

-         Complete a thorough client assessment, which includes the client’s strengths and weaknesses, family and community support system, a Needs Assessment that covers all areas described in the Pediatric Brain Injury Case Management Program Policy and Procedure Manual, and the assessment of existing resources presently utilized by the client/family.

-         Attend and advocate for the client at school meetings when requested by parents.

-         Assist clients/families to explore assistive technology options and seek sources of funding where appropriate.

-         Obtain appropriate releases and understand the laws regarding confidentiality and uphold these laws.

-         Provide education and awareness to the public on prevention, identifying children and adolescents with brain injury, and supports needed to successfully transition students back to school and children back into their home community.

-         Support clients/family members in developing their own goals and plans based on a needs assessment and utilizing various planning tools. Ex: MAPS, PATHS.

-         Identify, coordinate and monitor goal directed community services to meet the client’s needs and desired activities.

-         Participate in team meetings to support clients.

-         Maintain regular contact with clients/families offering them support and guidance and assisting them to maximize their participation in the goal attainment process.

-         Advocate on behalf of the clients and their families.

-         Effectively negotiate for services on behalf of the clients in a professional manner.

-         Travel and provide services in client’s homes and communities. This includes being part of the discharge planning teams, when possible, at children’s facilities and rehabilitation centers nearby (i.e. Cumberland Hospital in New Kent, Kluge Children’s Rehab Center in Charlottesville, NRH’s Pediatric Program in Washington, Kennedy-Krieger Institute in Baltimore.)

-         Determine when maximal level of functioning has been achieved and outside services such as life skills training/tutoring need to fade.

-         Identify and coordinate long-term support services when appropriate. Understand the vendor contract budget and prioritize the payment for services based on need and financial eligibility.

-         Provide case management services to at least 20 children/adolescents with brain injuries and their families (full-time) with up to ten cases in follow along.

-         Other duties as directed by the Manager of Child/Adolescent Services.


Employment Standards:


Knowledge of: Brain injury and its effect on children and adolescents, families and communities; knowledge of long term case management; supportive counseling techniques; medical terminology; community agencies/resources. Knowledge of ADA and IDEA as well as special education.


Requirements: Basic computer skills; valid driver’s license; access to a personal vehicle; physical mobility; ability to perform math calculations; complex problem-solving and reasoning. Must be able to read, write, and proofread at a professional level. Local travel required. Master’s Degree from an accredited institution preferred as well as previous experience in pediatric brain injury case management. Minimum of Bachelor’s Degree and two years experience and/or professional licensure.


Brain Injury Services offers a competitive benefits package including medical insurance, dental insurance, life, disability and retirement plans. The employee-only medical coverage, dental, life and disability coverage is employer-paid.

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

How To Apply

Include cover letter, resume and salary requirement.