Early Head Start Infant/Toddler Teacher

Job Type

Full Time


Details: DOE, non-exempt




16601 Northeast 80th Street
United States


Summary:The Infant/Toddler Educator provides quality, comprehensive center-based development services to infants/toddlers and their families and encourages parental involvement in educationa planning, goal setting and center activities.

This position has a social justice component that will require critical thinking around how the external systems impact the work that we are doing through the lens of racism and intersections with poverty. Knowing the core principals of antiracism work and grounding those principles in everyday work, as well asworking well in non-white environments and championing anti-racism policy, are required job skills and core values. As an equal opportunity employer, we highly encourage people of color to apply.


  • Administers developmental screenings, assessments, and ongoing evaluations for the purpose of identifying needs, assessing student development and/or developing individual learning plans (through portfolios, and multiple assessment tools) and makes recommendations on any referrals to the Program Director
  • Provides care to infants/toddlers (e.g. diapering, toilet training, supervision, etc.) for the purpose of ensuring a safe and healthy environment for children
  • Maintains verbal and written communication with parents/guardians daily and shares observations of children regarding their child’s routines, needs and development, i.e. daily activity chart form
  • Maintains classroom equipment, work areas, student files/records for the purpose of ensuring availability of items, providing reliable information and/or ensuring a safe and sanitary environment. Cleans and sanitizes toys and equipment daily
  • Participates in a variety of program activities (goal settings, staff training, planning, communication and evaluation activities, etc.) for the purpose of conveying and/or receiving information related to the program plan
  • Prepares teaching materials and related reports (e.g. classroom activities, individual child observations, program records, etc.) for the purpose of documenting family and child activities as described in the work plan
  • Collaborates with families for the purpose of optimizing development of each child and helping to enhance parenting skills
  • Develops curriculum and/or individual plans for students in collaboration with classroom team for the purpose of providing classroom activities and routines that support individual/group needs and/or delivering services in compliance with established guidelines; establishes policies and procedures for inside and outside classroom environments for the children to follow
  • Provides direct supervision and training of assistant teachers, paraeducators, floaters, and volunteers in the classroom (e.g. interactions with children and families, personnel functions, etc.)
  • Conducts home visits for the purpose of providing information and resources to families on a schedule in compliance with program requirements and/or to partner with families in educational planning and goal setting
  • Implements individual family service plans for the purpose of ensuring compliance with established regulations and/or performance standards and encouraging parent involvement 
  • Develops Individual Family Service Plan for children who qualify for special education services for the purpose of providing classroom activities and routines that support individual/group needs and/or delivering services in compliance with established guidelines
  • Models conversation, manners, cleanup activities, listening, and everyday interactions for the purpose of demonstrating appropriate social behavior in a culturally sensitive manner to both the children and the families
  • Responds to emergency situations for the purpose of resolving immediate safety concerns and/or directing to appropriate personnel for resolution; maintains health and safety standards according to licensing requirements
  • Responsible for providing direct and active supervision of the children in care in a variety of educational settings (e.g. classroom, playground, field trips, nap times, etc.) for the purpose of providing a safe and positive learning environment; follows child safety standards of conduct
  • Attends a variety of educational workshops, seminars, in-service trainings, etc. for the purpose of maintaining their professional knowledge
  • Keeps abreast of current research and practices in Early Childhood Education and the needs of homeless children
  • Performs necessary routines and implements schedules in cooperation with other staff members
  • Develops positive relationships with the children
  • Maintains files and/or records for the purpose of providing up-to-date reference, cross component communication, and audit trail for compliance with district, local, state and federal regulations
  • Acts as a support and resource person for families for the purpose of helping to case manage specific needs with families, advocating for parents and encouraging parent involvement in the program
  • Provides input to the Child Care Director on the evaluation of staff
  • Actively engages in agency-wide Race & Social Justice Initiative (RSJI) and strives for racially equitable outcomes; takes responsibility for creating and maintaining a safe and welcoming community by making room for people of color, trans and gender non-conforming folks, and other populations who routinely encounter systemic oppressions
  • Shows demonstrated ability to interact with people of different cultures
  • Continues search for understanding of racial, gender and class equity
  • Adheres to all Volunteer Services protocol relative to volunteer usage, recognition and monitoring
  • Works in cooperation with Program Director to maintains EHS standards and conform to the PSESD’s principles that Guide our Culture for the purpose of 1) building trust, collaboration, and strong teams within the program and the Agency and 2) providing exemplary services to external clients
  • Other duties as assigned

  • Qualifications & Core Competencies:BA in early Childhood Education with an emphasis/experience in infant/toddlers; OR
  • AA in Early Childhood Education or infant toddler CDA plus two years’ experience in Early Childhood Education or state certificate with infant toddler emphasis; OR
  • BA in a related field with one year experience preferred in Early Childhood Education and with 30 college credits in ECE OR
  • In the process of completing the education listed above
  • Experience working with homeless children and families
  • Experience working with children with special needs and high behavioral needs
  • Experience working with communities of color and people from different cultures other than your own
  • Demonstrated understanding of the intersection of racism and poverty
  • Core Competencies: collaboration, discernment/judgment, fostering diversity, planning and organizing/time management, problem solving, technical expertise, race & social justice advocacy, caring, communication: open/oral/written, continuous learning, crisis management, flexibility, initiative, interpersonal skills, professionalism, relationship building, reliability, coaching


  • Proof of physical exam and negative TB test must be on file
  • Hepatitis B immunization within 120 days of employment
  • First Aid/CPR card within 60 days
  • Food Handler’s Permit within 30 days
  • Proven ability in all areas of Early Childhood curriculum development and implementation including language development, music, art, pre-reading, pre-math, pre-science, etc.
  • Requires some scheduling flexibility for training, home visits, staffing, and parent events
  • Must have valid driver’s license, insurance and reliable automobile

Physical Demands:

The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an individual to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. In performing this position, the employee:

  • Continuously works indoors with the children
  • Frequently stands, walks, sits, and climbs in performing duties and in traveling to off-site meetings
  • Frequently reaches and grasps in using telephones, computers, and in general operations
  • Frequently lifts and carries up to 40 lbs.

* Continuously over 80% time, Frequently 20-80% time, and Occasionally under 20% time


  • Excellent benefits package including medical insurance, retirement plan, plus generous vacation, holiday and sick leave plans
  • At the time of hire, employees may choose to voluntarily enroll in the Fidelity 403b Plan. Typically after two years of employment, employees are eligible to participate in the YWCA Retirement Fund.

Professional Level


Minimum Education Required

2-year degree