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Full Time




Minimum: $35,000.00
Maximum: $40,000.00




New York
New York
United States


The National Havurah Committee

The National Havurah Committee (NHC) is a network of diverse individuals and communities dedicated to Jewish living, learning, community building, and tikkun olam (repairing the world). NHC is non-denominational, multigenerational, egalitarian, and volunteer-led. The NHC’s values include egalitarianism, inclusiveness, participation, and lay leadership. NHC seeks to spread its values to the larger Jewish community and to facilitate the activities of havurot. Havurot are small participatory communities creating authentic and meaningful Jewish experiences. Leadership is generally shared by the members of a havurah. Havurot typically do not have professional rabbinic or spiritual leaders. Independent havurot tend to be non-denominational, egalitarian, and inclusive.

Our annual week-long Summer Institute brings together Jews from across North America to participate in a joyful grassroots Judaism and to help them build empowered Jewish lives and communities. Courses at the institute address Jewish texts, arts, culture, politics, spirituality, and practice from many different perspectives. The NHC model of summer programs for lay adults has been adapted by other organizations. The longevity of the Institute and the replication of its model attest to its success. In addition, the NHC sponsors regional weekend retreats, publishes newsletters, and maintains a list of havurot on its website.

Organizational Structure

The NHC has a working board of directors. The Executive Committee (EC) of the Board consists of the Chair, Immediate Past Chair, Chair Elect, Vice Chairs (if any), Secretary, and Treasurer. The EC makes decisions on behalf of the Board between meetings. The NHC has two staff members, an operations director and the programs director (the subject of this announcement). Both are supervised by members of the EC.

Position Summary

LOCATION: Our office is in New York City. The position may be worked remotely from anywhere in the United States. However, for approximately 9 days in the summer, the PD is required to be on site at our annual event.


REPORTS TO: Board of Directors

TO APPLY: Send your resume and cover letter to

The Programs Director (PD) reports to the chair or designated member of the EC and works with the Operations Director and the volunteer Havurah community to realize the mission and vision of the NHC. The PD is responsible for the main program of the NHC, the annual Summer Institute. The PD manages the planning process and priority projects identified by the Board. The PD spearheads and coordinates efforts to develop and support our dedicated multigenerational volunteers. The position is a director position, legally exempt from overtime requirements, in which the workload varies substantially from one month to the next. During some months, the Program Director may average more than 40 hours a week while in other months, substantially less work will be required.


Program and Event Planning

  • Site search, site negotiations and ongoing communication with site managers
  • Managing volunteers, temporary staff and contractors to realize a complex project
  • Managing the publicity, recruitment, and registration process
  • On-site management of events and programs 

Community Development

  • Volunteer support and coordination
  • Communications with community members
  • Communication with the Board, including some meetings on evenings or weekends. 


  • Strong management, organizational, planning, communication, and negotiating skills.
  • Ability to establish and maintain priorities in environment with many demands and distributed leadership.
  • Ability to take initiative, work autonomously, and delegate effectively.
  • Knowledge of/involvement in/passion for Jewish community, Jewish culture, Jewish practice. 

Required Credentials/Experience

  • Undergraduate degree or equivalent
  • 2-4 years experience in a nonprofit organization or highly collaborative workplace 

Ideal Work Experience

  • Experience working with a Board of Directors or other decision-making group as a member or as staff.
  • Experience recruiting, training, and organizing the work of volunteers in a grassroots, decentralized or consensus-based environment. Community organizing experience a plus.
  • Experience as a supervisor; ability to supervise administrative staff and consultants.

Detailed Job Description


Primary responsibilities will include:

Program and Event Planning: The Annual NHC Summer Institute

  1. Pre and Post Institute: Some of the major activities for which the PD is responsible are: site search, site negotiations, contracts, and payment plans, developing relationships with key staff on-site to ensure goodwill and good systems of communication with them. In addition, the PD is responsible for making sure everything that needs to be done before Institute is done. Ideally much or all of the rest will be done by volunteers, but the PD is responsible for stepping in to make sure it happens.
  2. Assure that physical and financial accessibility as well as racial equality are incorporated into the the planning and execution of Institute and all NHC activities.
  3. Develop a plan to make Institute happen through the use of volunteer labor: It is envisioned that the PD will be managing and supervising the volunteers who will make Institute happening but not doing the nuts and bolts. One of the PDs first tasks will be to develop a plan for Institute that will be implemented by volunteers. The degree to which the PD effectively engages and manages volunteers from the NHC community will affect the workload. When deadlines approach or gaps are inadequately filled by volunteer labor, the PD is expected to do what is necessary to make sure that Institute happens.   At times this may involve very intense work weeks. The board will work with the PD to provide adequate time off during slower parts of the calendar.
  4. Marketing: Conduct publicity and outreach activities for the Summer Institute. Develop and maintain contact lists.
  5. Volunteer Management: PD coordinates Institute Planning Team and Board members. Develop volunteers and monitor progress toward the implementation of the Institute plan. Provide support for volunteers. Follow up and be accountable for accomplishment of vital objectives and tasks.
  6. Staff and Contractor Management: PD hires and supervises Summer Institute temporary staff and work study positions; prepares contracts for Kids Camp Director, Summer Institute Staff, Artists-In-Residence (AIRs), Liturgist-In-Residence (LIR), Mashgiach, and other contract staff or temporary employees.
  7. Work with the operations director to manage the registration process for Summer Institute 
  8. On-site Event Management:  PD is responsible for day-to-day management and oversight of all on-site logistics during the Summer Institute. The PD serves as liaison between the Institute Site Staff and the Institute Planning Team Leaders.
  9. External Communications and Marketing:Communications Content Development: Create website content, electronic newsletters and communications in conjunction with communications and outreach volunteers, ensure website is regularly maintained and updated. Answer e-mails and support communication between community members and the organization.

Communication with the Board: Set up systems with the Board/EC/supervisor to ensure strong lines of communication built upon a foundation of mutual respect

  1. Communicate regularly about priorities and outcomes: Keep Board informed regarding progress on PD work priorities;
  2. The PD will be accountable to the Board and to the member(s) of the board assigned to supervise the PD.
  3. Work with the EC and the operations director to prepare for board meetings 


Other responsibilities may include:

Volunteer development and community-building: Ensures that all volunteer functions are assigned and timelines for completion of volunteer-led projects are met.

  1. Build and maintain relationships with long time, new, and potential community members
  2. Keep a finger on the pulse of the organization: Monitor, organize, and make accessible the workplans and progress tracking for overall activities of the organization, including the Board, EC, all volunteer teams and portfolios.
  3. Volunteer recruitment and development: Recruit new volunteer leaders and educate them about NHC volunteer ‘best practices’, provide overview of available operations support, help them troubleshoot if they run into difficulties.

Project Management: The NHC periodically plans special projects and develops new initiatives to build the organization, enhance infrastructure, or expand its program. The Programs Director supports execution of these approved projects. The PD will help develop a project timeline, coordinate volunteers, consultants and vendors as authorized, communicate regularly on progress, and report outcomes at project conclusion.

Regional Retreats: Support volunteer efforts to strengthen existing regional events and/or develop new regional event initiatives as approved by the Board.



Healthcare contribution

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Minimum Education Required

4-year degree

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