Dual Language Dean of Students, SY 2021-2022

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About LEEP Academy

LEEP Dual Language Academy Charter School is a new and growing elementary school in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. We use the research-based 90:10 model of Spanish language immersion that helps all students achieve in all subjects while also becoming bilingual and bi-literate. In the 2021-22 school year, we will grow to serve students in grades K-3, using instructional techniques from high-performing charter schools and the best dual language programs in the nation.

Our school community is linguistically, racially, and socioeconomically diverse, and we are committed to being a good neighbor in Sunset Park for decades to come. We are located at 54th Street and 5th Avenue, in a private building with a long-term lease.

Seeking Dual Language Dean of Students

As we expand our leadership team, we’re looking for an experienced professional to join us as a Dean of Students. This is a full-time, year-round, in-person position. The number one priority of this role is to engage with staff, students, and families to support students in reaching excellence academically and socially. Does this describe you? 

• You have native-level fluency in Spanish and English. That means that, in both languages, you can read and write professional documents such as lesson plans; carry on academic and behavioral conversations with parents and colleagues; and teach behavioral concepts and routines with native-speaking students. 

• You have at least 5 years of professional experience, with leadership experience preferred.

• You’ve thought carefully about and understand what it means to balance warmth and empathy with firm expectations and accountability. 

• Preferably, you have experience with dual language instructional models, in which students learn academic content in two languages. LEEP Academy uses a whole-school, 90:10, two-way immersion model, but experience from any variety of dual language education is applicable.

• You have experience working in or want to join a Responsive Classroom model. This is an evidence-based approach to teaching and discipline that focuses on engaging academics, positive community, effective management, and developmental awareness. When used successfully, this model leads to increased student engagement, improved academic achievement, and decreased discipline problems.

• You have experience coaching adults and students, or feel ready for coaching as the next step in your educational career. 

• You enjoy building and maintaining lasting relationships with others. 

• You are open to feedback, have a growth mindset and are flexible and collaborative.

• You want to join a school community that is safe and orderly while treating every student and family with dignity. You think all children deserve a strong foundation in math and literacy, without overlooking science, the arts, and social-emotional development.

• You work really hard. You stay organized. You hate to be unprepared.

Dean of Students Roles & Responsibilities

The Dean of Students will report to the Principal and work closely with LEEP Academy’s existing School Leadership Team. Some of the main duties this person will be responsible for are:

• Alongside the principal, help create traditions and practices that are aligned with our core values and make LEEP a special place to be;

• Build relationships with students and families, working in close partnership with Director of Family Experience to support families. Be the primary owner of building a strong school culture including student safety, attendance, uniform requirements, and homework. Collect and analyze data to proactively identify and problem-solve challenges;

• Help to create and maintain a safe, positive and orderly environment that is conducive to learning for staff and students. 

• Own the implementation and oversight of our Responsive Classroom model. Support instructional staff to develop and implement effective and impactful classroom management practices. 

• Follow established protocols to support students to re-engage in learning and teachers in applying appropriate behavior management strategies and consequences. Design and support the implementation and documentation of individual behavior plans and out of classroom consequences;

• Reinforce positive student behavior and establish rapport with students. Build professional relationships with students that support their development;

• Own the planning, training and execution of effective Routines & Systems in the classroom and in shared spaces/times (lunch, recess, hallways, assemblies, field trips)

• Create and support the execution of SEL program to address the social-emotional needs of students research-based strategies and in partnership with school counselors. 

• Maintain accurate and up-to-date student conduct data and records regarding interventions, conferences held, awards and acknowledgements, suspensions, and communication with families;

• Serve as the critical point person for acute or crisis student behavior concerns;

• Plan and execute professional development throughout the school year based on school needs;

• Execute special assignments and other duties as designated by the principal.

At LEEP Academy, teachers and leaders work in the range of 50-55 hours per week. This is a yearly/12-month position with our core work hours being from 7:15am to 4:30pm daily, including a lunch break and prep period. Students are dismissed at 3:15pm daily, and at 1:30pm on Wednesdays to allow for staff professional development. 

We work together from a common set of high-quality curricula in English and Spanish. We collect and analyze formative and summative data. We differentiate instruction and work with families and service providers to meet each child’s needs. We communicate and collaborate. We model our school’s Core Virtues: Cariño, Respeto, Valentía, Gratitud, y Alegría.

About LEEP Academy

LEEP Dual Language Academy Charter School is a new and growing elementary school in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. We use the research-based 90:10 model of Spanish language immersion that helps all students achieve in all…

Details at a Glance

  • Time Commitment
    Full Time Schedule
  • Start Date
    August 1, 2021
  • Education
    4-Year Degree Required
  • Professional Level

Level of Language Proficiency

This position requires native-level native-level Spanish fluency.

This position requires native-level native-level Spanish fluency.


Brooklyn, NY

How to Apply

Submit your application at the provided link.

Submit your application at the provided link.

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