Membership Director

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Full Time




Details: Upon application



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New York
New York
United States


Deadline: Please submit resume, cover letter and at least two references by November 12th, 2018. Applicants will be notified by Monday, November 19th for interviews.

Law for Black Lives (L4BL) is seeking a full-time Membership Director. This position is a unique opportunity to support and direct an emerging network of lawyers, law students and legal workers. The Membership Director would be integral in building this organization over the next year.


The L4BL Membership Director will provide leadership toward the achievement of L4BL’s vision and mission. The role will strive to help L4BL meet its strategic aims through planning and implementation of its annual and longer-term goals. The L4BL Membership Director is a supervisory position that will regularly report to the Executive Director and the Advisory Board.


Provide overall coordination of the L4BL membership and communications strategy including moving forward the following key pieces of work:


  • Support other L4BL Leadership and develop strategy in concert with the Advisory Board and other Directors
  • Supervise relevant consultants, including Political Education Developer and Communications Consultant
  • Administer the law student programming along with Executive Director
  • Act as face of organization and media liaison when appropriate
  • Administer Local Sub-Grants along with the Executive Director
  • Engage with requests for rapid response and leverage the L4BL network to respond. Coordinate existing and emerging membership
  • Strive to bring the values of Law for Black Lives into practice


  • Develop on-boarding process for new members
  • Develop concrete terms of membership (benefits and responsibilities)
  • Curate Membership List
  • Coordinate rapid response along with Partnership Director and Executive Director


  • Develop and execute communication plan, including regular email campaigns
  • Disseminate statements on political happenings
  • Keep L4BL membership informed of organization activities
  • Field communication from membership
  • In tandem with the Partnerships Director develop a training schedule and then disseminate information on trainings and political education materials developed by Political Education Consultant
  • Regularly report progress to Advisory Board
  • Work with Media Consultant based on need as assessed in conjunction with Partnership Director and Advisory Board

  • Assess resource opportunities as they arise, and identify points of leverage, opportunity and alignment.
  • Maintain and grow any  institutional funder and individual donor relationships for L4BL and aim to cultivate new strategic resource partners


  • Deep commitment to and enthusiasm for L4BL. Understanding of Black organizing, Black liberation, intersectionality, anti-oppression principles and practices with experience utilizing personal and organizational interactions.
  • Experience with coalition building and/or working in established coalitions and/or growing new collaborations.
  • Experience engaging membership and expanding reach and members of an organization
  • Able to effectively represent L4BL to a variety of audiences and communities.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Experience facilitating and leading meetings.
  • Able to provide leadership within a fast paced environment.
  • Ability to work well with a team.
  • Exceptional organizational skills for effective project  management.

Position: Full time employee. 40+ hours per week.

Compensation: Upon application

Location: United States but travel necessary

Start Date: December, 2018

Law for Black Lives Guiding Values

  • We believe in using law for the people and that legal tools should be used to build the power of movements. We are working to build a stronger, more cohesive legal arm for the movement for Black Lives.

  • We are committed to the liberation and self-determination of all Black people -- including Black women and LGBT/queer folks -- and we are committed to implementing an intersectional, anti-racist practice throughout our work.

  • We hold ourselves accountable to support all parts of the current movement for Black lives including organic uprisings.   We believe that all members of the community deserve to have their civil and human rights respected.

  • We are political. We understand that this moment requires political lawyering and explicit partnership with movement activists/organizers, thinking creatively and collectively about how the law can be used to support movements, and respecting activists’ and organizers’ political choices. We provide legal resources at the direction of community leaders and community-led, base building organizations.

  • We are unapologetically committed to the leadership of people of color within the law, primarily black lawyers, legal workers, law students, jailhouse lawyers, clients and community members. Whether they have been deeply involved in supporting this movement or are just finding their way here, there is a need and a space for them at this convening and in this movement.

  • We believe collaboration and cross-institutional/non-institutional infrastructure is needed to support this growing movement. We believe in the importance of building shared legal infrastructure where the contributions of many people of conscience can be leveraged to support this movement.

  • We believe in democratizing access to the law and legal strategies/tactics. That means actively combating the elitism, hierarchies and lawyer-centric tendencies within the legal world.  This also means taking direction and feedback from community partners and clients.

  • We believe in an internationalist approach that draws connections between the struggle for human rights and dignity in black communities in the United States and across the world.

  • We believe in creating a space that is affirming, healing, transparent, and respectful and a space that doesn’t replicate the kinds of oppression, harm and trauma that we are working against. We will strive to have patience with and forgiveness for one another as we build together.

Professional Level

None specified

Minimum Education Required

No requirement

How To Apply

TO APPLY: Please email a resume and cover letter, including monthly rate, as well as two references in one single Word or PDF document by November 12th, 2018 to:

  • Law for Black Lives
  • Subject: L4BL Membership Director Application
  • Email:
  • Please label document - LastName_FirstName_MembershipDirector
  • Applications reviewed on rolling basis.